Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Get the latest information on hardware in the industry with reviews in the context of fitness applications and usability. In addition, this section is used to discuss upcoming technologies that aren’t out yet but have direct impact on fitness VR.

VR Creates New Business, Entertainment, and Fitness Opportunities

The VR gear we wear on our face is a portal to new places that we’ve never seen before like Mt. Fuji, and be put in situations where us non-astronauts are unable to venture...

GDC 2019 Rewind: Hands-On With ‘Beat Saber’ for Oculus Quest

Without a doubt, losing the cable makes Beat Saber an entirely new game—the one you were originally promised. If somebody were to walk up to you and ask you to visualize, in your head, a...

VR Exercise Tracker Brings Support for Apple Watch and HealthKit

If you work out quite a bit with your own VR headset, you might be familiar with the VR Health Exercise Tracker. The application, which comes from the VR Health Institute, is meant to...

PlayStation Confirms New VR Headset For PS5

While Sony made the jump to the next-generation of consoles late in 2020 with the release of the PS5, the company hadn't yet confirmed if it had plans for the future of virtual reality...

Beat Stress and Improve Sleep with this VR Add on!

Those who are familiar with VR software know there are more than a handful of escapist simulations that surround users with comforting environments such as camp fires, sunny island settings and lush green forests....

The Omniverse: A Gaming Platform for VR Enthusiasts

One of the great challenges for VR fitness is finding the right game for you. Lots of games exist, but the experience feels very disconnected without some kind of unifying platform. That’s the void...

Hands On Review of the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Last June, HTC released the Deluxe Audio Strap as a $99 add-on for the HTC Vive. Combining integrated audio and a rigid harness that ratchets down over your head, it is designed to provide...

Part 1: Fitness and Oculus Rift – Beginner Tips

In Part 1 of our Oculus Rift beginner's tips series, I'll provide both new and potential Rift users with some easy guidelines for making the most of your setup while avoiding some early mistakes...

Everything We Know About Oculus Quest So Far

This week at Oculus Connect 5, the previously titled "Project Santa Cruz" finally unveiled itself under its new moniker—the Oculus Quest. The Quest represents Oculus's first push into fully standalone 6DOF VR at the relatively...

KAT Loco Promises to Take the Pain out of VR Locomotion

KAT VR, the company behind the omni-directional KAT Walk VR treadmill, is back with a brand-new invention. Dubbed “KAT Loco,” the new product aims to decrease motion sickness and allow players to experience VR...