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Get the latest information on hardware in the industry with reviews in the context of fitness applications and usability. In addition, this section is used to discuss upcoming technologies that aren’t out yet but have direct impact on fitness VR.

Exoskeleton VR Gloves: What VR Didn’t Know it Needed!

There are a lot of fitness VR apps available like BitGym and Runtastic that are doing a great job in providing people with a new way to get a light workout. Even though these...

Interview: The Minds Behind Free Driver VR

The Far Cry video game series has the reputation of featuring some of the most beautiful graphics in gaming. Game developer Crytek dropped its players in expansive, open world environments using their very own game...

Changing the Medical World with Hololens

Oslo-based researchers are using Microsoft’s HoloLens to transform two-dimensional medical images into three-dimensional models. This augmented reality technology is proving quite helpful in the planning of surgeries and navigating through patient organs in the...

What Does Apple’s HMD Patent Mean?

Apple has been very careful lately, primarily in how they are dealing with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. While the CEO has been leaking tidbits to the public, the recent patent filings suggest that Apple...

Microsoft Surface VR: Is It Right For You?

IWoah, hold on with that $300 price tag on the newest VR device on the market. The Microsoft Surface VR has just hit the news market and there seems to be a lot of...
iphone vr

Finally! iPhone VR Has Arrived!

Several times over the past year, there have been hints that Apple was working on something for VR with a heavy intention towards AR due to the vision of the CEO. The CEO of...

Get Ready To Feel VR With Woojer Vest

One of the things that many VR naysayers have often criticized about the tech is that you can't really feel anything in virtual reality. Well, there's going to be some disappointed VR haters after...

New Vive Phone? Ready for Mobile VR?

Some interesting video footage was recently leaked about an alleged HTC Vive smartphone. HTC is a power player in the virtual reality field. The company's supposed entry into the realm of VR-oriented smartphones likely...

ODG’s R8 and R9 AR/VR Headsets and ‘Mixed Reality’ Fitness

You know what virtual reality is, and you know what augmented reality is. But what could mixed reality be? And why do mixed reality and fitness go hand in hand? First things first. If...

Is the MSI VR One Backpack PC Good Enough for Fitness?

It has become very obvious that computer hardware manufacturing companies, including MSI and HP, are enthusiastic about the future of virtual reality. Most notably, these companies are aimed at delivering a VR backpack computer...