Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Get the latest information on hardware in the industry with reviews in the context of fitness applications and usability. In addition, this section is used to discuss upcoming technologies that aren’t out yet but have direct impact on fitness VR.

Incredible VR and AR Tech at the 2018 Olympics

The Olympics are kind of like CES in a way, because they act as a debut of new AV technology. Today’s hype is all around utilizing VR and AR, and NBC has pulled out...

VRgluv’s Finger Tracking and Haptic Force Feedback On The Horizon

People are touchy-feely beings. We hug, hold hands, high-five, and use our hands to interact with objects as life requires. In VR, we use handheld controllers to pick up items and search through rooms,...

Pimax Reveals Ruggedized Edition of Ultra-Wide FOV Headsets

Pimax recently announced the development of a new Ruggedized Edition (RE) of their 5K+, 8K, and XR headsets. These new rugged variants of their headsets are designed specifically for location-based experiences, venues, arcades, and...

Oculus Quest and Rift S Silicone Covers Available for Purchase Now

If you use your VR headset for the purposes of working out frequently, you're likely aware of how much of a godsend a nice cover for the device can be. This is something we've...
PSVR2 VR Fitness

How PSVR2 Can Boost the Popularity of Fitness Gaming

With Sony confirming on its blog that the second iteration of the PlayStation VR headset is on the way for PlayStation 5, it's an exciting time for virtual reality gaming. After all, the PSVR...