Monday, January 17, 2022
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Get the latest information on hardware in the industry with reviews in the context of fitness applications and usability. In addition, this section is used to discuss upcoming technologies that aren’t out yet but have direct impact on fitness VR.

The Google Daydream Review You Need to Read

So the new Google Daydream has come out and I have some thoughts on the technology but most of them are negative. This is primarily because I don't see a huge difference between the...

Mobile, Cordless and Phone-Free HTV Vive, Coming Soon?

HTC is set to launch an exciting new virtual reality device. The company's latest creation will allow users to enjoy virtual reality experiences in a mobile manner. It will no longer be necessary for...

How to Make Your Own (Fitness Ready) Google Cardboard

There are many tutorials out there that tell you how to make a Google Cardboard so that you can immediately get into the VR action. You will find that this is useful for anything...

Fit Immersion: New Kid on the VR Block

Few people will deny that riding an exercise bike or pounding a treadmill is a pretty boring activity. Even so, it's not always practical to run alongside an unlit country road after sunset, or...

The Future of Wireless VR for Fitness and Beyond

There have been a lot of companies to try and say they are providing the true tether-free experience, but the truth of the matter is that these companies are tackling, perhaps, the easiest part...

Sony’s PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Largest in GameStop History

According to the executives from GameStop, their PlayStation VR pre-order was the quickest sellout in the company’s history where the company’s PlayStation VR pre-order went out of stock within 5 minutes. Even at Amazon,...

The Hidden VR Treasure that is OSVR

Maybe you think that VR is better served by the giant developers, but if you’ve been playing a lot of VR games, then you will likely have known the frustration that is Proprietary Content....
LeEco VR

Is LeEco VR’s ExploreVR Good for VR Fitness?

You might have never heard of LeEco VR. Don't worry. It doesn't mean you're not a VR expert. In fact, they are a somewhat obscure company in the VR game. LeEco provides unique solutions...

Is hand tracking the future of VR? Has Sony Already Won The Race?

If you haven't been hearing about all the innovations in Virtual Reality lately, you're living under a rock. One thing that shockingly isn't getting a lot of chatter lately is the hand tracking capability...

The Future of Fitness in VR: Black Box VR

When a company comes out and immediately speaks to the fitness industry directly, we take note. Black Box VR just did that and we definitely heard what they were saying! According to their site...