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Grand Prize Winner Richard Bernsee Talks about VR Fitness

A lifelong, self-proclaimed “computer geek,” Richard Bernsee recognized in his late teens that he needed to make working out a priority if he wanted to be fit. Exercise is also a nice compliment to...

VR Workouts Fit Perfectly Into Life of a Busy Law Student

Law student Lori Knox focuses on personal and professional goals while she maintains good health through home workouts with the Oculus Quest that fit perfectly into her busy lifestyle. The Quest was released in May...

Ashley Riott Used Virtual Reality to Rebuild Her Health and Build a New Life!

Ashley Riott is a colorful character with a VR origin story as striking as her long pink hair. A freak injury while out running led to her being rendered almost completely immobile, and needing...

Oculus Quest Youtuber Matt Quinlan from BMF prepares his 30 day VR Fitness challenge

If you own an Oculus Quest and regularly search Youtube looking for virtual reality content chances are high that you are already familiar with the popular Quest channel BMF. The channel’s owner and host...

ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR; Offers Esports Option

The combination of fitness and virtual reality made the ICAROS seem like a good product to check out at CES 2020 so I headed over to the Sands in Las Vegas. ICAROS GmbH was established...

Why We Still Think Beat Saber, The Thrill of the Fight, and BOXVR Form...

When played together, these three fundamental VR fitness titles form the backbone of a complete full-body workout. Following the initial ground floor of consumer-grade 6DOF VR landing in 2017, the catalog has filled up with...

VirZOOMer Loses 50 Pounds Working Out in VR

PR Consultant Will Brierly (CC’ed), who is also the creator of the game Soda Drinker Pro, has lost 50 lbs riding his VR VirZOOM stationary bike. Soda Drinker Pro sounds like the exact opposite of what...

VR Alone Can’t Make You Lose Weight – But It Helps

When I was sharing my weekly weigh-in reports on Reddit for my 50 Day VR Fitness challenge, I would invariably get one very consistent point of criticism: exercise has little impact on weight loss....

World’s first VR-fitness exhibition to be held in Stockholm, Sweden

The connected health and wellness company Great Clarity together with Northern Europe's largest fitness exhibition Fitnessfestivalen hosts The Future Fitness Lab - the first ever solely virtual reality (VR) fitness dedicated event.  In December, the 17th annual...
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