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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

Happy Body Happy Brain – Mental Health Benefits of Virtual Reality

It is not news to most folks, working out has a great and lasting impact on mental health. Getting up and moving the body surges with dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, and endocannabinoid. These chemicals are...

Holodia Holofit Offers Full 50% Discount On Annual Membership – Only 54 Euros For...

If you've been wanting to add some interest to your cardio machine workouts and you own a VR headset then Holodia's Holofit Black Friday offer is a deal well worth checking out. From now until...

Azren Azimuddin Danced His Way to Better Fitness and 26 lbs Weight Loss in...

Azren Azimuddin is a lively fellow, with a passion for music, dance, technology, and virtual reality. I spoke with him about his success in combining his interests for all the above into a fun,...

Hands On With FitXR Official Accessories, plus Exclusive Ten Percent Discount Offer

Last month FitXR announced the launch of their first official branded merchandise and accessories, designed to complement and enhance your FitXR boxercise and dance workouts. The debut range has been thoughtfully put together and already...

Kathy Bugajsky Embraces VR as a Fitness Tool for Her Wellness Journey

One of the greatest benefits of virtual reality is the fact that people essentially have complete fitness programs in those little headsets that they can tailor to their own preferences in order to meet...

Karen Krueger Increases Vitality and Wellness With VR Fitness Routine

Virtual reality appeals to people of various ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, and when it comes to VR for wellness, we continue to see middle-aged or older women taking advantage of this technology for its...

VR Fitness App Helps Eric Vargas-Weisser Maintain Resolution to Improve Health

Millions of people make resolutions each year and within a few weeks they’ve returned to old habits and less healthy lifestyle choices. The trick to success for a long-term wellness journey is finding an...

Michael Wells:  A Fantastical Journey To Improved Wellness through VR Gaming

In June 2019, Michael and his friends took a vacation to Florida and while visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, the 265-pound 40+-year-old was asked to sit in the “test chair” to assess...

Christine Whyte Shares Her Story of Weight Loss Through FitXR

During the Covid lockdowns, Christine Whyte dealt with stress by turning to food for comfort and since she had never enjoyed exercise, her weight reached an unhealthy level. Like many others throughout 2020-2021, Whyte...