Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

Virtual Reality Sports Battle

Wanna Try a New Sport? Start With VR

Wanna try a new sport? For many of us, competing in a sport ended with high school or college. For others, sports is something you watch for hours on the TV or is something...

Maximize Your Time in VR with This 20-Minute Workout

We’re all busy people, but there’s no reason we can’t commit to fitness! Fitness is a lifetime pursuit with a long term payoff. No one likes feeling like their body is locked up, or...

7 Reasons to Keep a VR Fitness Journal

Fitness is a goal-oriented pursuit that encompasses a lifetime of effort. Goals are broken down into milestones you achieve to get to them. Are you tracking your progress? A fitness journal records not just your...
VR Fitness Insider

10 Reasons Why Gym-Goers Must Try a VR Fitness Workout

If you’re a fitness fanatic, an iron-tough gym boss, or want to shake up your fitness routine, a VR fitness session is something you’ve got to try! Go on a fitness adventure at a...

VR Fitness Inspiration | How to Find Success Longterm

The process of getting into shape is very fulfilling, but many find it challenging thanks to burn out. Two major factors influence burnout: pushing ourselves too hard and motivation. We push ourselves too hard...

Healium Helps You De-Stress in VR Using Your Brain and Heart Rate

Healium wants you to calm down with VR and AR You can use virtual reality for some of the most exciting experiences in interactive media. Just look at all the first-person shooters and action games...

Getting Your New Years Squats Challenge in VR

It’s the New Year and many have taken on the ambitious goal of getting fitter. Viral squats challenges are motivating many to hit the ground running, working up to 100+ squats! We here at...

Your 8-Week PCVR Training Course (For Absolute Beginners)

If you've been looking for a simple beginner's training course, look no further. VR Fitness Insider is filled to the brim with information about choosing the right games, gear, and health hacks to boost your...

How The Experts Plan To Use VR For Fitness In 2019

Virtual reality is changing our approach to fitness and weight loss. Whether someone is currently a sedentary, middle-aged person with back problems or a healthy 30-year-old who runs marathons, it’s possible for anyone to...

New Year New You with VR Fitness

How do I structure a VR Fitness routine? Do I just play a game, or is there more to it? I asked these questions when I first began my...
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