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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

A High-Intensity VR Workout to Battle the Wintertime Blues

Winter is nearly upon us. That means less time outdoors and more time inside. Worry not, VR Fitness Insider is here to ensure that your workouts don’t take a backseat while you resist the...

Extreme Intensity VR Workout – Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

This VR workout is designed to give you one of the most intense workouts possible in VR, and as such there are a few considerations to observe: Be familiar with each of the games....

Brain Training: A VR Workout to Enhance Coordination

VR has a lot to offer, not just for aspiring athletes – as VR Fitness Insider has demonstrated – but for a whole host of others looking to improve and better themselves. This is...

VR Fitness Insider’s Year In Review 2017

The fitness industry has had an explosive year, bringing virtual reality to fit gamers’ living rooms, arcades, and gyms across the world. In 2017, we saw an evolution of VR compatible wearables, large-scale experiences,...

VR: Your Gateway to Going from Couch to Fit in 2018

There are a variety of reasons why our New Year resolution to get fit every year doesn’t work or falls flat quickly. Of course, getting fit is difficult and takes time but the reasons...

Virtual Reality: The Solution to a Consistent Workout

How many times have you crept closer to the New Year and thought: “this year is my time! I’m going to finally lose that weight and keep it off!” I think we’ve all been...

Oculus vs. Vive | Where Your Money Should Go as a Fitness Enthusiast

One of the challenges you face entering VR is figuring out where your money should go. There are a wealth of great experiences, but which is right for you? There are two setups for...

Kevin Brook’s Journey To a Healthier Life With VR Exercise

Kevin Brook, a 43-year-old VR fitness fan from the UK, works for the National Health Service as a member of the NHS Healthy Lifestyles team. As an NHS Health Trainer, Kevin works with local...

Sonya Haskins Loses 40 Pounds Playing VR & Sees Health Improve

Sonya Haskins is a wife and mother, a writer of four books, a blogger, homeschool teacher, and is one exceptional VR gamer! Sonya, or Hasko7, has experienced, firsthand, the life-changing physical and mental health benefits of...

7 VR Myths That Are Keeping Us From Real Transformation

Real change and transformation happen when we stop making excuses and start doing. Below are 7 myths that people tell themselves about VR before they’ve experienced its true value as a health and fitness...