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Virtually Healthy -Researching the Benefits of VR Gaming on Fitness and Rehabilitation Therapies

In this article, I speak with Katie Hoolahan, CEO of Virtually Healthy, an innovative new company engaged in active research involving the creation of exercise programs for fitness, rehabilitation, and therapy. Based in the...

Researchers Find 40% Success Rate in VR Pain Treatment

As a medium, VR is still finding its legs across many industries including gaming, enterprise, and fitness. Meanwhile, researchers at the New York-based Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are beginning to link...

How VR Embodies Your Sense of Self

Self-embodiment is one of the driving forces in VR experiences and games. When you enter VR, whether it be to exercise or watch a movie, you are placing yourself directly into the action. Inarguably,...

Performance Enhancer: The Revolutionary Impact of VR on Sports and Fitness

The modern world of sports has continued to grow and evolve since the invention of baseball, soccer, and basketball. The equipment, the training methods, the strategies, and the way to view your favorite teams...

VR and Chemotherapy

Seth Olivia is an eight year old boy who is fighting cancer. His treatments, as you can imagine are intense, but there's an element to his treatment that even Seth looks forward to. Seth...
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