Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

Virtual Reality is Finding a Home in Physical Therapy

Virtual reality has plenty of applications for fitness -- you're here, so you already know that. However, it is increasingly becoming a tool for rehabilitation, as well. Neuro Rehab VR aims to make physical...

VirZoom Beats Out Stationary Biking in Both Fun and Fitness

Traditional stationary bikes can get boring, and boring exercises are rarely the most effective. More exciting and engaging workouts often lead to better results, and the VirZoom bike is a great option for doing...

Study Finds Virtual Reality Makes Cycling Less Painful

Using a stationary bike can be boring the traditional way, and it can also make your legs burn like nothing else. We already knew that VR could help make it more interesting, but a...

University Student Wins ‘Junior Nobel’ Prize With VR Fitness Game

The next generation of developers understands just how crucial a component fitness is to virtual reality. One New Zealand computer science graduate managed to prove that exceptionally well, winning an award nicknamed the "Junior...

You Could Increase the Function of Your Chronically Sore Limbs Through VR

If you've ever dealt with a chronically sore shoulder, you know it can be debilitating and depressing. However, it appears that virtual reality could be a key factor in increasing your range of motion....

Karuna Labs Offers VR Rehab Program To Workers Comp Patients

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about Karuna Labs and the tests it was conducting regarding range of motion in physical therapy patients using VR devices. The findings suggest virtual reality could have...

VR Tool Strivr Helps Injured NFL Quarterback Prepare for Return

Typically, when an NFL player is injured for an extended amount of time, there will be a period where they need to re-learn plays and brush up on awareness. With Strivr virtual reality, however,...

Virtually Healthy -Researching the Benefits of VR Gaming on Fitness and Rehabilitation Therapies

In this article, I speak with Katie Hoolahan, CEO of Virtually Healthy, an innovative new company engaged in active research involving the creation of exercise programs for fitness, rehabilitation, and therapy. Based in the...

Study Shows Working Out in VR Burns Calories More Effectively Than Traditional Exercise

Working out in virtual reality is certainly more fun than traditional exercise. It is also apparently even more effective. A new study found it leads to more burnt calories and increased total exercise time...

Enhance VR Brings Brain-Training Tools to China on Vive Focus Plus, Quest, and Rift

Chinese virtual reality players looking to train their brains in new ways now have a great tool to do so. Enhance VR, a cognitive training tool aimed at improving memory, audio awareness, and more,...