Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

VR Changes Attitudes Towards Death and Exercise

Researchers have just shown that VR can reduce the fear of death. Helping people change their perceptions through a virtual experience is already a huge component in many fitness programs. Changing perceptions and showing...

Virtual Reality: The Key to Mental Conditioning

We talk a lot about the physical benefits of working out in VR, but there is a strong mental game at work in nearly every major sport. How we interact with a virtual world...

Karuna Labs Offers VR Rehab Program To Workers Comp Patients

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about Karuna Labs and the tests it was conducting regarding range of motion in physical therapy patients using VR devices. The findings suggest virtual reality could have...

Vive’s Audio Add-On and how Music Impacts Exercise

The Vive virtual reality headset celebrated its one-year anniversary two months ago, but that doesn't mean HTC will stop coming out with improvements. The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is a replacement for the out-of-the-box...

VRHealth Offers FDA Authorized Treatments

Physical therapy helps restore muscles damaged by trauma, whether the athlete might have taken a substantial hit or overexerted during practice. At high-level play, physical therapy is almost like routine maintenance. As essential as...

XRHealth Raises Additional $7M to Bolster VR Telehealth Platform

While many might utilize virtual and augmented reality to play games and stay active, XRHealth is a company that has been looking to utilize the platform in recent years for therapeutic means. As of...

Gamifying Fitness: Why VR Represents a Revolution in Fitness

Dance Dance Revolution, the popular dancing game created by Konami, was the first in the arcades to popularize gamification of physical fitness. An announcer encouraged you to try your best, and grades at the...

VR Brain Health Analysis Platform SyncThink Partners with Atlanta Hawks

SyncThink, VR platform for performance and medical analysis, is announcing a new partnership with the Atlanta Hawks. The device is FDA approved and also HIPAA compliant and uses sophisticated eye tracking and advanced analytics...

VR Spikes Empathy, Which Can Spark Better Health and Fitness

By now, most people understand the very core basics of virtual reality. Some even understand how this technology improves learning processes, helps people conquer their fears and assists surgeons with medical procedures. What many...

Give Your Brain A Boost With 10 Minutes of VR Fitness

Our brains are a powerful tool that tells our bodies how to do everything from making breakfast in the morning to how to move our legs from doorstep to work. It's so dynamic and...