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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

University Student Wins ‘Junior Nobel’ Prize With VR Fitness Game

The next generation of developers understands just how crucial a component fitness is to virtual reality. One New Zealand computer science graduate managed to prove that exceptionally well, winning an award nicknamed the "Junior...

Study Finds Virtual Reality Makes Cycling Less Painful

Using a stationary bike can be boring the traditional way, and it can also make your legs burn like nothing else. We already knew that VR could help make it more interesting, but a...

Virtual Reality is Finding a Home in Physical Therapy

Virtual reality has plenty of applications for fitness -- you're here, so you already know that. However, it is increasingly becoming a tool for rehabilitation, as well. Neuro Rehab VR aims to make physical...

VirZoom Beats Out Stationary Biking in Both Fun and Fitness

Traditional stationary bikes can get boring, and boring exercises are rarely the most effective. More exciting and engaging workouts often lead to better results, and the VirZoom bike is a great option for doing...

Why Your Brain May be Hardwired for VR Fitness

Our experiences are highly sensual, and it’s how our brains process our memories. We tend to think about the past in terms of what we saw or felt, not necessarily what something smelled like...

Researchers Find 40% Success Rate in VR Pain Treatment

As a medium, VR is still finding its legs across many industries including gaming, enterprise, and fitness. Meanwhile, researchers at the New York-based Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are beginning to link...

Healium Helps You De-Stress in VR Using Your Brain and Heart Rate

Healium wants you to calm down with VR and AR You can use virtual reality for some of the most exciting experiences in interactive media. Just look at all the first-person shooters and action games...

Neon VR and AR App Hopes To Help Patients Be Pill-Free and Pain-Free

Take a pill for a headache, take a pill for joint or muscle inflammation, get sick or go through surgery and get prescribed a pain pill. There is a growing concern by patients and...
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Tap Into Adrenaline With VR and Fitness

Adrenaline. It’s the rush we get from riding on a rollercoaster and the jolt of energy we need to run away from a bear (flight) or towards a really good sale. It’s the thrill...

VR Analytics | Changing VR Fitness Development

Every step you take, every move you make, every treasure you take, developers are watching you with in-game analytics. Accumulated game data informs a developer’s decision making on anything from level design to difficulty...