Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

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VR Vision for Legally Blind

People have speculated on the possibility of exploring other worlds for ages. Ever since the dawn of the written world, we've tried to escape from our mundane reality and let our imagination soar. Of...

Augmented Innovations Battle Autism

Finding ways to help overcome challenges is an ongoing goal for parents, educators, and healthcare providers of children with autism. Now, there is evidence that augmented interactive play sets could play a role. Children...

Beat Alcoholism with VR

Alcoholics might have a new tool in their battle against alcoholism – virtual reality. Researchers have discovered a particular form of VR therapy could help alcoholics reduce their craving for alcohol. The information comes from...

VR Helps Restore Vision

Rarely are VR and AR associated with anything but gaming and escape to foreign worlds. The technology allows people to slip away into other realities far from their physical location. This merger of worlds...

Could VR Games Help You Live Your Best Life?

Video games, and specifically immersive VR games, are seen by many as a way to escape real life and have some fun. As something intended for entertainment purposes, most people agree that “too much” time...

Can You Really Improve Your Fitness From a Chair? Yes!

Researchers are in the process of developing an “active chair,” a piece of furniture that could be a dream come true for those who want a healthier lifestyle, but don’t want to spend time...

Total Wellness In VR

In today's world, one goal of many people is no longer not only not to be sick, but to be as well as they possibly can be. Among millennials in particular, wellness is no...

How VR Can Help You Reach Fitness Goals

The concepts of presence and spatial awareness play an important role in virtual reality (VR) games and experiences. One recent study looked at both and evaluated whether the two were directly correlated, which would...

Virtual Fitness Coaches: All The Results, None of The Hassle!

For many, getting to the gym is a feat in and of itself. Despite our best efforts and New Year's resolutions, committing to and sticking with a workout routine is easier said than done....

VR Avatars Help You Lose Weight

Millions of Americans struggle with their weight and many face serious health issues due to obesity. Though it might seem easy for some to lose weight through cutting calories and increasing physical activity, there...