Friday, December 3, 2021
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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

vr workout

A Better You With A VR Workout

In a recent study published in Springer’s journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, researchers found this conformist tendencies continue even when humans are provided with incorrect advice by a computer. The study analyzed the judgment...
vr motion sickness

Kiss VR Motion Sickness Goodbye

If you’ve ever felt nausea or illness when playing virtual reality games, you are not alone. Feelings of vertigo and stomach upset are common for many gamers, and unfortunately, the sensation interferes with gaming...
vr weight loss

VR Weight Loss Is Real

VR games and social media continue to intertwine with reality. Studies have shown that when a person has a strong identification with his or her cyber representation, the “doppelganger” can influence the person’s real...
virtual fitness

Virtual Fitness Creates a Fitter You

Virtual reality continues to develop at a lightning fast pace, and is increasingly becoming more mainstream as the months pass. Now, researchers at Penn State believe virtual reality characters modeled after a user’s own...
vr health

Your VR Health Report

When someone says “VR”, most people think of black headsets strapped to the heads of teens who are hooked on video games. This is a popular misconception that will prove false in the months...

Beat Pain with VR (and Get Fitter!)

Most people think of virtual reality (VR) as a high-tech headset for playing exciting games. However, VR has the potential to drastically improve quality of life. This technology will soon help people overcome their...
vr medicine

VR Medicine Can (and Will!) Change Your Life

The possibilities for virtual reality are endless. When this technology first hit the market in the form of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, most people cast it aside as a means of playing video games and...
touch surgery vr

Heal Yourself With Touch Surgery VR

It won't be long until the mainstream media is raving about touch surgery in VR. This virtual training will help surgeons perform intricate surgical procedures without flaw. The technology has been spearheaded by a...
vr rehab

Medical Game Changer: VR Rehab!

Some people prefer the old ways for a lot of things in life. We get that. But recent research from Tel Aviv University shows that combining traditional physical therapy techniques with modern technological advances...
stroke vr

Virtual Reality Could Aid in Stroke Recovery

When people think of virtual reality, it's inevitable that they think of the gaming ramifications. Why not? We're seeing some of the coolest game experiences in the world coming out on a daily basis...