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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

VR Brain Health Analysis Platform SyncThink Partners with Atlanta Hawks

SyncThink, VR platform for performance and medical analysis, is announcing a new partnership with the Atlanta Hawks. The device is FDA approved and also HIPAA compliant and uses sophisticated eye tracking and advanced analytics...
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Music in VR Empowers the Brain and Body to Push Past Fatigue

Whether we’re listening to a rock song, a catchy pop or country tune, a rap or EDM banger, music is a driving force behind workouts. Runners make playlists, cycling studios, gyms, and even athletes...

New Study Shows VR Boosts Exercise Performance and Reduces Pain

VR has become a fitness phenomenon over the years, showing the world it can help us improve coordination, emboldens us to embody superheroes, and can even give our brains an energy boost to our...

How VR Embodies Your Sense of Self

Self-embodiment is one of the driving forces in VR experiences and games. When you enter VR, whether it be to exercise or watch a movie, you are placing yourself directly into the action. Inarguably,...

How VR Helps With Hand-Eye and Full Body Coordination Training

Whether we’re drumming to the beat, typing, playing ping pong, or boxing an opponent, we use hand-eye coordination or HEC daily. Hand-eye coordination is our brain and body’s system of processing actions and stimulus...

VR Health Group | A New Health and Wellness Platform for VR

We covered VR Health Group’s FDA approved applications earlier this year, but the company has shifted its focus a bit. Now offering a suite of interactions to both businesses and consumers, VR Health Group’s...

How VR is Helping Children With Autism Navigate the World Around Them

Both kids and adults use smartphones, computers, smart watches, TV’s, and gaming technology on a daily basis and think nothing of it except that it’s a good time, however, some kids and adults with...

The Detroit Pistons Testing New Players in VR

Is VR the new “making the cut” for professional sports? The Detroit Pistons have reportedly had some new NBA players tested in VR as part of their assessment. Do they know something that other...

Unlocking Memory Through Virtual Reality

Alzheimer’s is one of the hardest diseases to watch someone go through. A slow decline in mental faculties means patients gradually forget who they are and what was around them. As Nanthia Suthana put...

VR Exergaming May Slow Alzheimer’s Progress

VirZOOM is one of the most successful mainstream fitness apps around. It’s helped many of our readers, even a few we’ve highlighted, to lose weight and stay fit. The system offers constant new experiences....