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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

NBA Experimenting with Deep Learning as League Interest in VR Grows

Big data seems to touch every industry, and it’s come to sports in a big way. It could be argued baseball and football pioneered analytics in the modern age, but the NBA wants to...

How Stanford and VR are Pushing Boundaries in Health and Fitness

Stanford is iconic in the world of VR, especially if you’re an early adopter hoping to see this technology grow. The school has piloted several advancements that go beyond the video game. Real-world effects...

VRHealth Offers FDA Authorized Treatments

Physical therapy helps restore muscles damaged by trauma, whether the athlete might have taken a substantial hit or overexerted during practice. At high-level play, physical therapy is almost like routine maintenance. As essential as...

Researchers Use Force-Feedback EMS System for AR, MR

Haptic suits, vests, and gloves for XR are known to have protective casings for exoskeleton designs that can add weight, wiring and a bit of extra heat to the wearer's body. In Potsdam, Germany...

AR and VR: Part of a Critical Approach to Sports

The complexity of sports today demands critical thinking skills the industry didn’t rely on even a decade ago. The back office’s ability to manage talent by allocating players based on how they perform is...

New Tech | Make a VR Avatar in 10 Minutes

A new system developed by Bielefeld University's Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) is going to elevate your workout with a novel idea: avatar creation. We’ve seen how avatars motivate us to reach...

VR Can Help Control Portions and Assist in Weightloss

We know a lot about how virtual reality can motivate us to move, but there’s growing evidence showing it’s an important tool in diet and weight loss. There are a few studies that highlight...

Maximize The Kohler Effect in VR

We understand a lot about how VR stimulates a player's a sense of progression, either through self-contained levels or through the collection of artifacts. Virtual goodies can create a strong desire for players to...

Saccade Eye Tracking Moves VR Worlds Around Us

When we glance around a room without focusing on one thing in particular, our eyes move around and then blink in small eye jumps known as saccades. Road to VR has an interesting article...

New Science Shows the Immersive Power of Sound

One of the hallmarks of the HTC Vive Pro has the removable premium audio headset built into it. that headset provides an extremely immersive experience in games that are designed to take advantage of...