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Learn how to enhance your VR fitness experiences. Get shareable guides and useful information on how to get better at gaming and fitness experiences.

vr awards

VR Awards: Best MR Fitness Experience of 2016

Next up in this year's VR Awards: Mixed Reality! It's very easy to confuse mixed reality with Augmented reality. Ultimately, the way to set them apart is pretty easy: Augmented reality augments only one...

7 Myths about VR Fitness

If you haven’t been hearing a lot about VR lately, you’ve been living under a rock. Virtual reality is beginning to gain grounds in entertainment, education, sports, business, health and fitness. Many think it...
vr awards

VR Awards: Best VR Fitness Accessory of 2016

Next up for the VR Awards: Best VR Fitness Accessory! As with all technology, most of VR has come complete with accessories but some are better than others. In order to find the best...

15 Amazing Facts about the History of VR

Long before computers were around, people were gazing upon the unknown and were theorizing about the possibility of transporting themselves to other worlds. First doing so via their imaginations, books and stories, people also...
vr awards

VR Awards: Best Fitness HMD of 2016

Since last year there have been quite a few more HMD's released out on to the market. However, there's a few things that make an HMD the best Head Mounted Display available. Not only...
vr awards

VR Awards: Best AR Fitness Experience of 2016

With augmented/mobile reality, there has to be a combination of four different aspects. A good mobile application is available to everyone, has a great addiction to it, doesn't require much to get started, and...

New Investments in VR that Could Change the VR Fitness Game

Virtual Reality is shaping to be the hot new media of this decade. While critics were quick to dismiss it as a fad, the virtual reality industry continues to disprove them. Earlier this month,...
vr 2017

Companies to watch in 2017 for VR Fitness

There are only a handful of companies that leaked some hints this year as to what they want to accomplish over the next couple of years. However, just a few of them have unknowingly...

How-to: Build a Simple VR Experience

Kick off to building a simple VR experience As a creative professional, I've had to push my comfort zone time and time again to learn new technologies, workflows, systems, you name it. I've always found...
vr 2016

VR/AR/MR Fitness Year in Review

Most people are saying that 2016 was an epic year for VR, AR and MR. It had it's highlights, but let's be honest, we want more fitness! 2016 was absolutely horrible. Well, no, not...