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Learn how to enhance your VR fitness experiences. Get shareable guides and useful information on how to get better at gaming and fitness experiences.

7 Myths about VR Fitness

If you haven’t been hearing a lot about VR lately, you’ve been living under a rock. Virtual reality is beginning to gain grounds in entertainment, education, sports, business, health and fitness. Many think it...

How To Choose The Best VR Fitness Experience

VR Fitness is an ever-changing, ever-increasing world and with that, we are now getting a larger variety of experiences to choose from. Having said that, choosing amongst this variety can be difficult. We get...

15 Amazing Facts about the History of VR

Long before computers were around, people were gazing upon the unknown and were theorizing about the possibility of transporting themselves to other worlds. First doing so via their imaginations, books and stories, people also...

Fitness habits are hard to start. Video games are hard to quit. Hmm…

Habits are a fickle beast. We try so hard to create good habits like flossing, going to the gym, and getting up earlier and can only stick with them for a few weeks before the...

Alibaba is Changing the VR Landscape

While many big and small companies are venturing into virtual reality hardware arena, a rather unexpected player has entered the scene: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. That's right, the company known for being a portal...

Make Fitness Your VR Game (Bonus: The Top 5 HMDs You Need to Try!)

You have to go to the gym to get in shape. There’s really not much more you can do to burn off the flab other than grind out sets, eat right and stay committed...

VR Fitness Naysayers Are Wrong…And Here’s Why

Any time that a person brings up using virtual reality for working out, the negative comments immediately begin: "Sweat in a heavy VR headset? LOL, that's disgusting!" "OMG! You'll be tripping all over the wire!" "You'll get...

How Good Is VR On Smartphones?

In the 1990's, there were a few test toys sent out into the market to see how children would react to virtual reality video games. The technology was rather basic compared to video games...

Get Fit! 5 Great HTC Vive Games For Fitness

Virtual reality has been capturing the imagination of thousands upon thousands of people and developers. Presenting new and amazing opportunities, VR helps us immerse ourselves into new worlds, letting us not only see, but...

5 Tips on How To Set Up A Great VR Space

So you've ordered your very own VR set, and in a few days, you'll be getting your feet wet in the exciting frontier of virtual reality. But hold your horses there, pilgrim. How ready...