Top 5 VR Fitness Trends To Experience In 2018

Staring at the wall or out the window as you run on the treadmill or elliptical is going to get stale fast, even with a playlist full of fired up tracks. So what other...

VR Helps Motivate Kids and Teens Off the Couch

Child Obesity Epidemic Children are our best hope for the future, yet 1 out of every 6 children and teenagers are obese in the United States. This unnerving and scary fact that’s been confirmed by...

How To Create a Balanced VR Fitness Routine

Maybe it’s because I come from a fitness coaching background, but when people ask me what a good VR fitness game is, I never give them a straight answer. Instead, I usually throw more...

Audioshield Modder 1.5 Puts Audioshield On Steroids

I can’t dance. I try to do the world a solid by doing as little of it as possible, lest I irreparably scar some innocent bystander for life. Audioshield is perfect for somebody like...

Interview: Holodia’s COO On VR Fitness in 2017 and Beyond

The demand for fitness in the world of virtual reality has never been greater. As the niche continues to grow, it's hard not to take note of the big leaders that are already making...
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