Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Learn how to enhance your VR fitness experiences. Get shareable guides and useful information on how to get better at gaming and fitness experiences.

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Why VR eSports Games are Great for Lone Wolves (Introverts/Ambiverts)

If you’re a competitive VR eSports player on a team, you already know that Virtual Reality is amazing for fitness and builds confidence. You live it, breathe it, practice with a team -- awesome....

The Best VR Fitness Game Will Be Socially Engaged (And Out of This World)

It's not news that VR games excel in serving out heightened fitness output and improved physiological health. Hundreds of millions of data samples gathered by the VR Health Institute over the past several years...
Beat Saber VR Arcade Machine

Fit Trend to Watch: VR Arcade Machines

VR is becoming more popular to the public with the current rollout of VR arcade machines. Arcades are stepping up their game with advanced tech like VR to draw in visitors with activity out...
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Motion Sickness In VR Sucks (Here’s What To Do About It)

You finally brought home your new VR headset, and you rushed to your computer (or PS4) like a kid on Christmas morning to set it up. Naturally, you jumped into a game and started...

How VR Is Shaking Up The Way We Do Cardio

Getting our daily cardio or aerobics training not only helps our bodies stay healthy, it sets us up for success in VR gaming and in our everyday lives. Moving our bodies by jogging, running...

How VR Helps With Hand-Eye and Full Body Coordination Training

Whether we’re drumming to the beat, typing, playing ping pong, or boxing an opponent, we use hand-eye coordination or HEC daily. Hand-eye coordination is our brain and body’s system of processing actions and stimulus...

Five Design Tips for Developers Looking To Write VR Fitness Games

Now that the gaming industry is taking off, you might be curious about dipping your own toes into the waters of game design. Naturally, you're on the hunt for strategies that successful game developers might...

Can VR Help You Fall into Deeper Sleep?

Like most Americans, I get pretty terrible sleep. A combination of factors add up to this, but my average night of sleep is full of wakefulness, heavy on light sleep, and I always wake...

Thinking About Joining the VR Challenger League? Go Here First!

The ESL (Electronic Sports League) has made huge waves in the VR pool lately with Season 2 of the VR Challenger League. With the climactic run-up to the Season 2 Finale at Oculus Connect 5...

Top 10 Beat Saber Custom Levels That You Must Try

Beat Saber has taken off around the world, with new music coming directly to the platform from the likes of Virtual Self (aka Porter Robinson), a major household name in the dance music scene. However,...
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