Tuesday, May 17, 2022


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Community Events Usher In Echo Arena VRML Pre-Season 1

As autumn fades into winter, there’s no reason for Echo VR fans to get the blues as cold weather approaches because there are an abundance of opportunities scheduled for the next several weeks, including...

Teams Head to Paris Games Week for After-H Arcade VR Esports Tournament Finals

After-H Arcade Tournament playoffs came to an end this past week and four European After-H teams are headed to Paris Games Week to compete in the semi-finals for a prize pool of 5,000 euros. A...

VR Master League to Host Onward Invitational at NiceOne Barcelona

The VR Master League will host an invitational event featuring Downpour Interactive’s Onward at NiceOne Barcelona (N1B), a gaming show dedicated to the world of digital entertainment. With an estimated crowd of approximately 150,000 attendees,...

VR League and Oculus Team up with VRML and CVRE for DreamHack Event

VR League and Oculus are teaming up with VR Master League and Collegiate VR Esports League to present a VR LAN gathering at DreamHack Atlanta featuring virtual reality training, casual play, and esports scrimmages....

Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup VR Tournament Features $10,000 Prize Pool

U24 Solutions will host a Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup Tournament with a $10,000 Prize Pool that includes prizes for the top 40 players! The tournament will be held December 12-27 and a grand...

VR Exhibit at DreamHack Featured Hands-On Demos with VR Community

Community members and leaders from the VR Master League (VRML) and the Collegiate VR Esports League (CVRE) recently traveled to DreamHack Atlanta from as far away as Canada to introduce VR to attendees of...

Sign-Ups Open for 2020 Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament

Onward players will kick off 2020 VR esports action with guns and grenades in the first Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament of the year on January 11-12. Onward Rookie Bootcamps are designed to allow newer players...

Final Assault VRML Season 2 Set to Conclude as PSVR Arrival is Imminent

Phaser Lock Interactive’s Final Assault Season 2 of the VR Master League is set to conclude on December 15 with a prize pool of $2,000 and other sponsored prizes. The 9-week season began on September...

VR Esports Featured at NiceOne Barcelona Had Something for Everyone

NiceOne Barcelona, a festival dedicated to the art of gaming, featured numerous VR exhibits this year during the four day event that recently took place in Spain. Adoption of virtual reality has been a...

eGamesVR Offers VR Esports Resources for Spanish-Speaking Players

Competitive VR esports are becoming more popular in English and Asian-speaking countries, but there’s a need for outreach to speakers of other languages. In October 2016, one group decided to develop a platform specifically...