Saturday, January 16, 2021


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OhShape and Synth Riders Offer Prize Pool and New Content for VR Fitness Summit

During the VR Fitness Summit, Odders Lab and Kluge Interactive will offer new content, tournaments for each game, and a collaborative $500 prize pool for participants who play any song on both OhShape and...

Cycle Your Way to Better Health and a $1,000 Prize Pool in the VZfit...

VirZoom announces their Explorer Summer Adventure Campaign that will run from August 17 through September 7 in conjunction with the VR Fitness Summit being hosted by the Virtual Athletics League. Participants have an opportunity...

Swords of Gurrah to Host Community Tournament

Swords of Gurrah is hosting a community-funded tournament with a prize pool that already exceeds $1,300 that will be distributed among the top competitors following several weeks of 1 on 1 competition set to...

Echo Combat Flamingo League Announces Partnership with VAL and VRFI

The Echo Combat Flamingo League announced today a partnership with the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) and VR Fitness Insider that will include participation in the upcoming VR Fitness Summit as well as sponsorship for...

Snapshot VR Viveport Open To Take Place Saturday

Inspired by physical-world paintball competitions, Giant Scam's arena-style shooter Snapshot VR was built with competitive immersive environments in mind. This Saturday competitors will have an opportunity to put their skills to the test in...

The Apocalypse Games VR Esports Competition Begins Aug 12

The time has come to take back the world from the onslaught of terrifying creatures trying to rip into your flesh. If you want to survive, you must take action now. The Apocalypse Games, a...

Virtual Athletics League to Host World’s Largest VR Fitness Summit

Virtual Athletics League has partnered with some of the largest names in VR fitness and esports to host a VR Fitness Summit that will feature a prize pool of $25,000 across a variety of...

VR Esports Continue to Grow in Oceania Region with Echo Arena OCE Cup

The competitive community for Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena has grown significantly in the Oceania region since servers opened there on May 12 in conjunction with the game’s Rift / Quest open beta. Over...

MarineVerse Offers Championship VR Sailing with Global Races

The MarineVerse Cup Summer Race Series is underway with races taking place in locations such as Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and San Francisco. Virtual sailors are invited to participate in daily race practices, a...

Tower Tag Summer Cup Launches Later This Week

Tower Tag, a multiplayer VR PvP game from VR Nerds, launched to the home market at the end of May and now players have an opportunity to participate in the Tower Tag Summer Cup...
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