Tuesday, October 27, 2020


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League of International VR Esports Announces 2020 Season

The League of International VR Esports is excited to announce another exciting season of competition in immersive VR sports regardless of a player’s region. LIVE joins forces with BigBox VR for a second season...

VR League and Oculus Team up with VRML and CVRE for DreamHack Event

VR League and Oculus are teaming up with VR Master League and Collegiate VR Esports League to present a VR LAN gathering at DreamHack Atlanta featuring virtual reality training, casual play, and esports scrimmages....

Cycle Your Way to Better Health and a $1,000 Prize Pool in the VZfit...

VirZoom announces their Explorer Summer Adventure Campaign that will run from August 17 through September 7 in conjunction with the VR Fitness Summit being hosted by the Virtual Athletics League. Participants have an opportunity...

Echo Combat Flamingo League Season 1 Will Begin March 2

Echo Combat Flamingo League, a VR esports league featuring Ready At Dawn’s zero-gravity first-person shooter, launches on March 2 amidst much hype from the community as well as sponsors eager to support another competitive...

Registration Opens for Echo Arena Rookie Cup VR Esports Event

Newcomers to Ready At Dawn’s popular zero-gravity virtual reality game Echo Arena have an opportunity to join up with other rookies and a veteran coach to compete for glory and prizes in the Quest...

MassVR’s Hallow Realm Introduces Horror to VR Esports

If you thought VR esports was all fun and games, you were wrong. It can be about surviving in a world where dark spirits are running rampant, intent on infecting humankind and spreading darkness...

Rookie Crossplay Cup Will Feature Echo Arena on Quest and Rift Platforms

Young Echo units participating in the beta for Echo Arena on the Oculus Quest are eager to show off their new skills and they’ll have the opportunity to do so in the Rookie Crossplay...

Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup VR Tournament Features $10,000 Prize Pool

U24 Solutions will host a Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup Tournament with a $10,000 Prize Pool that includes prizes for the top 40 players! The tournament will be held December 12-27 and a grand...

OhShape and Synth Riders Offer Prize Pool and New Content for VR Fitness Summit

During the VR Fitness Summit, Odders Lab and Kluge Interactive will offer new content, tournaments for each game, and a collaborative $500 prize pool for participants who play any song on both OhShape and...

Echo Arena March Boot Camps Focus on Goalie and Boosting Skills

Echo Arena Boot Camps will return in March with a new format that features highly requested trainings. Player-initiated trainings began soon after the game was released in July 2017 and have continued to evolve. Previously...
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