Saturday, January 16, 2021

Level Up Your Viewing Habits With VR Esports This Weekend

Kick back and watch the best of zero-gravity esports action this weekend during the Echo Arena Quest 2 Rookie Cup and the Dunks & Half-Court Invitational. While they’re very different types of events, both...

VR Master League Championships Boast Largest Prize Pool to Date

While most people will remember 2020 as a time of turmoil and social isolation, VR esports players can also recall a year of Quest ports, community growth, and increased interest from sponsors. In January...

Oceania Community Presents 2v2 Echo Arena VR Esports Tournament

The Oceania (OCE) Echo VR community will host an OCE Echo Arena 2v2 tournament on November 28. As a result of the committed leadership team that regularly hosts such as this, the community continues...

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 Will Begin Jan. 4

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 will kick off on January 4 with changes to the community structure of the league. The date reflects a slightly longer period between seasons due to the holidays,...

K-Pop Legends BTS Take Center Stage With Beat Saber’s Latest Explosive DLC Pack

K-Pop sensations BTS, the South Korean all boy septet have found remarkable success over the past couple of years, especially in the United States and Europe, although their most rabid fanbase is apparently located...

MarineVerse Partners with WASZP to Provide Unique Sailing Experience

Melbourne-based VR development studio MarineVerse has partnered with iconic sailing brand WASZP to change the way sailing is experienced around the world. During the past seven months, the teams at MarineVerse and WASZP have used...

Grapple Tournament Releases on Steam Early Access Thursday; Sets Sights on VR Esports

Grapple Tournament, a VR arcade shooter that takes advantage of vertical movement through the use of grappling hooks, will release this Thursday, November 5 on Steam early access. Developers have plans for the game...

Top VR Esports Games for the Quest 2

As more people have access to virtual reality with portable headsets such as the Quest 2, it’s inevitable that many of these new users will be interested in competitive gaming with their portal to...

Registration Opens for Echo Arena Rookie Cup VR Esports Event

Newcomers to Ready At Dawn’s popular zero-gravity virtual reality game Echo Arena have an opportunity to join up with other rookies and a veteran coach to compete for glory and prizes in the Quest...

Snapshot VR Joins VR Master League

Today Giant Scam announces that Snapshot VR, the game inspired by physical-world paintball competitions, will join the VR Master League, a community-driven platform that supports the most competitive games in VR. The pre-season will...
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