How To Choose The Best VR Fitness Experience

Getting into VR Fitness doesn't have to be difficult! Follow these rules and you'll be ruling the virtual world in no time!

Is Holodia the way into VR Fitness for you? Only you can decide!

VR Fitness is an ever-changing, ever-increasing world and with that, we are now getting a larger variety of experiences to choose from. Having said that, choosing amongst this variety can be difficult. We get that. That’s why we put together the following tips on how to choose the best VR experience for you and your fitness goals. You can thank us later.


Unfortunately, any kind of VR technology is usually costly at this point. However, there are alternatives. If you have the funds, you can try out actual VR gear from places such as Widerun and Holodia. However, there are other experiences that are more cost-effective for you. Firstly, we have the pre-existing XBOX Kinect or Wii which are also hardware but cost significantly less. Both these gaming consoles provide VR fitness experiences such as Wii Tennis, Yoga and the like. Secondly, another way to use VR in a less costly manner is the number of apps available for your smartphones. Fun games like Zombie Run which emulates sound effects for your early morning run, VR Fitness which is an Iphone app that lets you get the experience of cycling in distant places etc. are some ways in which you can experience VR Fitness but with less cost.

Your interests

VR Fitness covers a range of interests and to find the perfect VR experience for you, you need to choose a VR experience according to your interests. VR hardware is usually centered around walking/running/cycling, so if you want to spend time doing these, hardware such as VirZoom will be good for you. This incorporates gaming with exercise and offers an actual bike to cycle on. If yoga is more your style, games such as “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved” for the Xbox Kinect can be for you. It’s a gamers paradise out there so find something that resonates with what you love and get started!


Some VR experiences take up a lot more time than others. Apps such as VR Fitness, Holodia VR and others let you use virtual reality and incorporate it to your own existing fitness regime. Therefore, you do not have to use up a large chunk of time. Other apps may require you to allocate a specific amount of time that can be difficult to do if you have a fast-paced, busy lifestyle. For example, some apps require that you spend an allocated amount of time in order to unlock a new place or unlock a new mission but these cases are usually only for Gaming and Exercise apps. Strictly VR Fitness Apps will let you tailor your own exercise according to the amount of time you can give but sometimes picking your own adventure when it comes to fitness means less results so make sure you’re ambitious with your projections—especially since none of these current games will challenge you beyond cardio.


Another factor to consider is the space you have wherever you live. If you do not have a functioning gym, it may be hard for you to add VR hardware. So, smartphone apps and wearable VR technology is the best bet for you. The Samsung Gear VR, although not specifically meant for fitness can give you access to 360 videos from your phone to view for your own workouts. Other options include gaming apps and workout apps on your phone. Some of the best for the purpose of fitness are BitGym, Virtual Active and Treadmill VR Max, all three that you can use in the gym and don’t have to install in your home.

More importantly than anything else, you can’t be intimidated by what seems like a world of possibilities. Our advice is to just get out there and try everything you can get your hands on. From there, you can decide what works best for your goals. The VR world is expanding as we speak and new technology is being introduced every day. In no time at all, you will find the best VR fitness experience for you that matches your spending, your space, your interests and your time as well.

-Steven Runnels

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