Chop Down Virtual Trees in Limberjack

Dial in your inner Rocky IV training montage and chop down trees to get fit!


After a long hard day, one might sit at the fire and enjoy themselves. Then again, one might also want to take on another job that’s unpaid for the simple joy of hacking away at a tree with a chainsaw. Welcome to the world of virtual lumberjacks in Limberjack.

What is Limberjack?

Limberjack is a Virtual Reality game that allows you to participate in a the sport that Lumberjack workers can participate in over the year. Set up similar to a lumberjack arcade, this game provides a great way to bond with others as you attempt to beat their scores in the virtual world of a lumberjack. The entire purpose of the game is to cut off the limbs of a log as fast as you can without messing up in a timed event.


Graphics and Visuals Score 1/5

Luckily this game is free since the graphics for this game are not impressive by any means. This game is very average in terms of the gameplay itself, the purpose of the game, and the visual nature of the game. One might have a small appreciation for the graphics in the beginning, as one might enjoy the look and sounds of the outdoor environment this virtual world takes place in but this will grow very old quickly.

Hardware Score 3/5

This game requires the basic Virtual Reality hardware in order to run it properly, requiring an i5 processor, Windows OS newer than Vista, 4GB of RAM, and a GeForce 970. Perhaps the only upside to this game is the fact that it is very small, running in at around 500 MB.

Fitness Score 1/5

This game barely requires any movement beyond bending over multiple times in order to cut the branches off of the log. The activity is timed, so there may be an increase when you compete with others inside of this game with friends or family. However, this game requires very little physical movement and would barely count as exercising.

Gameplay Score 2/5

This game seems fun and luckily it is free, but, otherwise, this game could have been developed better as a mouse and keyboard game. This is one of the games in the industry that make the VR system look bad due to the lack of content in this game despite the interesting premise. Given a little more time on the product, the developers could have made this a great game that had an actual challenge to it.

Overall Score 1.75/5

While many games on the VR are decent games, this one is not one of them and belongs in the games you can find in the browser. The only true benefit to this game is that it is free, so it won’t cost any money if you are looking for a way to waste time with friends or family. Otherwise, there are better games on the market.