Climb Your Way to Fitness in VR!

Climbing the wall just got a whole lot more beneficial for your health! Try this Augmented Reality climbing wall for a fit blast!

Credit to: Valo Motion

Mountain climbing is an activity just about everyone would like to experience once in their life. Unfortunately, its inherent danger scares most people away. Your mountain climbing dreams will soon become a reality. A virtual reality, that is.

VR climbing provides fun-seekers and fitness-minded individuals with the opportunity to climb mountains and other terrain in a virtual setting. This intriguing augmented reality app is loaded with all sorts of mini-games and multiplayer competitions that entertain and provide invigorating workouts. It puts the body to the test while proving quite enjoyable as an immersive virtual experience that is perfectly safe. It won’t be long until people across the world are embarking on augmented reality climbing expeditions in exotic virtual locales.


VR Climbing is Headed Your Way

When athletes are asked about the best forms of exercise, most reply with the usual answers of swimming, racquetball and CrossFit. However, those who have tried mountain climbing are adamant it is the best way to work all of the body’s muscles. Virtual reality climbing has arrived to replicate the climbing experience in all its glory. If you have grown tired of your typical workout or simply desire a new and more immersive challenge, this new VR technology is right up your alley. It makes use of an augmented climbing wall that VR users can ascend alone or with friends in multiplayer games. VR climbing even has uber-helpful training applications for beginning climbers.

How VR Climbing Works

Created by the Finland startup known as Augmented Climbing, the Augmented Climbing Wall makes use of an intelligent system of depth sensors along with complex CPU vision technology and a projector. It provides an immersive augmented reality climbing experience that is fully controlled by the user’s motions. Everyone who has tried the Augmented Climbing Wall is adamant that it is one of the coolest VR/AR technologies of the past half-decade.


Choose Your Climbing Path

No two VR climbing experiences are the same. Users are empowered to select their own unique path. It is also possible to adhere to a pre-plotted climbing course. Some choose to battle their friends in a Climball competition where participants make use of their entire body to control the mountain climbing experience. Climball is a game similar to pong in which players bounce a ball to one another. The twist is that their bodies function as the paddles.

What VR Climbing Means in the Context of Physical Fitness

VR climbing is much more than a game. This experience forces the player to use just about every muscle in his body to ascend various mountains and other inclines. This is a full-body workout in every way. Ask anyone who has climbed a mountain and he will testify as to just how taxing the experience is. The beauty of VR climbing is that it is a ton of fun and much less dangerous than real mountain climbing. Whether you are a hardcore mountain climber looking for a physical fitness challenge or a newbie who would like to burn some calories while having a virtual reality blast, you will have a blast with the Augmented Climbing Wall.


It is possible that VR climbing will eventually be added to gyms, recreational centers and schools/universities in the near future. Even those who do not desire a physically taxing workout can take it easy while staying loose and limber with the maze-puzzler known as Sparks. This game requires the player to stay within moving shapes comprised of various pulsating electrical currents. The player is required to maintain his grasp on the wall to stay within the designate space and avoid the electrical currents. This game serves to bolster strength, enhance flexibility and provide plenty of entertainment. Most players will start out with this initial challenge and gradually work their way up to more physically demanding levels. It is even possible to create one’s own level with the Augmented Climbing Wall software.



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