Artwork by TJ_Joe147, used with permission

Despite continued challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, the Collegiate VR Esports League (CVRE) is gearing up for an exciting series of events for CVRE Season 6.

CVRE began in January 2018 when several college students decided to create a league where student VR and esports enthusiasts could enjoy a fun, friendly community that catered specifically to the needs of collegiate level players.

For the past three years the league has continued to grow and thrive despite numerous challenges, including limited access to hardware and college closings due to Covid 19.

“CVRE was hit hard by the effects of COVID last year and we are incredibly proud of the way our staff and players persevered through forced dorm evacuations, the loss of shared equipment, and long-term illness,” states Madi Hight, one of the Collegiate VR Esports League Coordinators.

“For this upcoming season, we are working hard to accommodate brand new or veteran teams that may be struggling with recruitment and finding spaces to practice. We’re also setting up more opportunities for our community to hang out and take their minds off any stress they may be facing.”

CVRE Season 6

Teams from participating universities can register to compete in Beat Saber or Echo Arena for CVRE Season 6.

Beat Saber is a fun, immersive rhythm game from Beat Games. It’s not as simple as it sounds to slash blocks in a specified direction as they come towards you, sometimes at amazingly fast speeds. It’s also quite addictive as you try to master increasingly difficult combos, improve your scores, and surpass your friends’ scores. Beat Saber was selected as VR Fitness Insider’s Best Rhythm VR Fitness Game of the Year and since it released in May 2018, the game has sold over 4 million copies and 40 million songs from paid music packs.

Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena, considered by many to be the first true VR esport, requires teamwork, strategy, and skill as players endeavor to score goals in a virtual zero-gravity arena. A popular choice for casual gameplay as well as competitive leagues, Echo Arena has been featured in each season of the CVRE. The game was recently selected as VR Fitness Insider’s Best VR Competitive Fitness Game of the Year.

How to Register

Teams must register each season in order to compete in CVRE so even colleges that have been previously registered will need to complete the new season’s registration form below. Players in the initial stages of forming teams at their universities can join the CVRE Discord server and reach out with questions.

Season 6 registration fee is $15 per team.

Registration deadline for CVRE Season 6 is Wednesday, February 17 at midnight CST.

Community Events

In addition to competitive events such as tournaments, CVRE hosts an array of community activities including regular game and Anime nights.

You can find out about community events happening each month in the CVRE Discord.

The Collegiate VR Esports League has a well-established, supportive community. “We look forward to welcoming new players into this inclusive league for season 6,” states Hight.

In addition to participating in community events or as part of a competitive team, CVRE members have the opportunity to use leadership skills, sign up as a league caster, etc.

College-age students are encouraged to join the community Discord server, check out CVRE social media, or visit the website for more information.