You bought the VR rhythm boxing game, have played other Soundboxers challenges, and now want to create your own beatmaps to your favorite songs. If you’re a rhythm rookie or a DJ at heart who’s looking to personalize your Soundboxing experience, then you’ve come to the right place.

Steps To Create Beatmap Challenges For Soundboxing

  • There’s a sidebar on the right. Go to it.

    Credit to: Maxint LLC
  • Go to the Search bar.
  • Type in the song and artist. Select.

    Credit to: Maxint LLC
  • Select Make Your Own Challenge.
  • Make sure you’re holding both controllers the right side up so they are not turned around or in the wrong hands.
  • There will be a transparent wall. Step towards that wall and punch through it at the same time you want to create a beat map orb. Recording your new creation will be difficult if you’re not standing close enough.
  • Hit Record when you’re ready.

To Edit Beatmaps You’re Recording

Credit to: Maxint LLC
  • Play the song in Record Mode.
  • Hit Pause.
  • Hit Switch to Preview Mode
  • Scroll backward using the right panel to get back to the point that you want to fix.
  • Hit Record.
  • Click on Preview Mode to see your creation before you hit submit.
  • Hit Submit when you’re happy with those beats!

Things To Consider When Making Beatmaps

View, play and take notes on other players beatmaps and challenges. What did you like and what was difficult for you? Were the punches too fast or too slow? Were the beatmaps too high even for a taller player or so low your back hurts? These are questions to ask yourself.

What part of the workout are you focusing on? Is it the warm-up, the cardio and coordination part, or the cooldown? Fast songs are effective for a full-on workout, but are they for a warm up or cool down? Probably not. Something low or mid-tempo is going to give you something to get the blood flowing without throwing your body into a workout while muscles are still “cold”.

Decide the song you want to make a beat map with and whether or not you’d like to create an entire playlist. If there’s a YouTube video for a song, you can create a Soundboxing beatmap for it. Go for upbeat songs that make you want to move. The possibilities are endless. Making a longer playlist instead of a few songs will turn a fun experience into a full-fledged personalized workout for you and anyone who likes your beatmaps.

Think about what muscle groups you’d like to focus on. If you want to create an arm blasting workout you’ll want to punch and then mix those punches up to go high and low, following the rhythm of the music. If you want to concentrate on a leg day workout you’ll also want to squat and punch low so other players will do the same. If you want a blended upper and lower body workout then you’ll need to split between high, midway, and low punches that will force players to move their bodies.

Consider the space. If your room is large and you set up the boundaries to be wide you could do some amazing side step and insane punch combo work.

Where To Purchase

If you don’t already own Soundboxing for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift you can find it in the SteamVR Store. You can purchase it for $5.99 to $7.99.