Curious Kids Become Agents of Discovery With This Explorer Worthy AR App

Credit to: Agents of Discovery

Suns out, the kids are on summer break, or its a lazy day at home. What activity could a parent, teacher, or caretaker do that’s both educational and active on a day like today? Take the kids to the local park down the street or on a field trip excursion outdoors. Agents of Discovery is a mobile augmented reality app for the curious and adventurous kid on the go. It’s a GPS and location-based game that is hands-on, active, and educational.

Learn By Doing

Here’s your mission if you choose to accept it…Credit to: Agents of Discovery

The Agents of Discovery AR app is used at parks and outdoor areas that make players active with exploration. Going to the park, running errands, visiting famous monuments, and national parks become a full-on adventure.

There’s nothing better for strengthening a kid’s body and mind than to learn by doing!

The educational activity app has Mission games to motivate and guide young explorers on their adventure. The Mission games are found in 24 states with participating national parks like California’s Griffith Park, Idaho’s Payette National Forest at Bear Basin, and even has cool locations like Canada’s Dinosaur Provincial Park on their list.

Agents of Discovery’s app also has Challenge questions that make kiddos think and learn kinesthetically as they walk around. Explorers go on scavenger hunts, photo hunts, answer enriching Q&A’s, with Challenges being frequently created by users. Youngsters learn to scan their surroundings for wildlife, plant life, monuments, gardens, lakes, and more. AR goodies like badges will pop up and players can earn points and in-game currency called “USBees”.

The app is so hands-on that parents and teachers can even create their own Missions and Challenges. This is DIY at its best! Create a profile and then start creating your very own educational guide. Teachers and parents that want to keep their student or child’s interest in knowledge growing will love the way they can infuse science, health, culture, and history lessons with engaging activity.

Walk and Explore with This AR App

Walk around DC with the Agents of Discovery Explorer Campaign!
Credit to: Agents of Discovery

Instilling positive values like curiosity, teamwork, and a passion for exercise in our youngsters will set them up for a healthy and successful future. In our article, VR Helps Motivate Kids and Teens Off the Couch, we reported that “Only 21% of kids between the ages of 6 to 19 actually get the daily recommended amount of exercise.” That’s a stat worth pondering over.

A smartphone might be the last thing you’d think would get kids off the couch, away from the TV, tablets, and console games. But, mobile AR apps like Agents of Discovery and playground apps like Biba are changing the way kids learn and play with technology.

On the health benefits of being physically active with children, the site Parents says, “Every time you and your child throw a softball, swim a lap, climb a flight of stairs, walk to the store, or carry packages, your health and fitness levels are improving.” Being a fit-focused family becomes easy when you take Agents of Discovery with you.

There are Explorer Campaigns that are going on right now in select cities, parks, zoos, and educational exhibits. From June to October 2018, kids in D.C. and Alberta become Secret Agents on the hunt to complete Missions for wearable badges, fun prizes, and collectible stickers!

Most recently, Secret Agents in Southern California had 21 locations that participated in the SoCal Explorer event. Kids that achieved Explorer Campaigns earned badges like Explorer, Super Explorer, and SoCal Explorer. Visiting new places exposes kids and parents to a refreshing change of scenery and adventure that isn’t found on the couch.

Kids and parents love Agents of Discovery! Check out this Fox10 clip below!

Where to Find Them

Feeling adventurous? Give the app a go — it’s free to download on Google Play and the iTunes Store. You can find Agents of Discovery on their website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.