Collegiate VR Esports League (CVRE) was established in January 2018 as a fun, friendly community that would cater specifically to the needs of collegiate level VR and esport enthusiasts. Since that time, over 50 different universities, colleges, and post-secondary schools have participated. CVRE recently launched their 11th season and there are already 29 different universities registered with over 115 players.

While there have been some changes to the leadership and line-up of games over the years, CVRE is still going strong as a competitive and social network for collegiate level VR players. Here’s a look at the latest announcements for season 11.


One of the biggest changes this season is the addition of Breachers, a tactical 5v5 first-person shooter from Triangle Factory, the developers who also brought us Hyper Dash, another popular competitive VR game.

The objective of Breachers is to plan an assault or defense that is then carried out in close-quarters combat against the enemy team. One fun aspect of the game is the ability to rappel down the outside of the buildings and then swing through windows, breaching the building and catching the enemy by surprise. Thus the name of the game.

I’ve played a bit and honestly am very bad at this particular game, but many of the younger players on my team are quite capable in coming up with viable strategies to keep our team alive and secure a win. Competitive games encourage development of leadership and team-building skills and Breachers is definitely a game that requires cooperation and planning.

As the game has continued to rise in popularity, the developers have rolled out new content and game modes. Triangle Factory is invested in the community and as a result, VR leagues are adding Breachers to their lists of featured games.

Registration ends on Monday, October 9 at midnight CDT. Teams that want to participate should join the CVRE Discord server and register through the CVRE website.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber will be part of CVRE season 11, but registration has ended for this game. You can join the CVRE Discord server for information on the next qualifiers or to chat about the game.

Echo VR

Echo VR, a popular VR esport game from Ready At Dawn, brought a lot of collegiate level players to the league in 2018 and 2019. During the pandemic, when many schools and universities were shut down, it was difficult for some players to access headsets or find places to practice, but the league continued to grow and Echo was the game of choice for many students seeking social engagement and physical activity.

Unfortunately servers for Echo VR were shut down on August 1, 2023 and the game was removed from the Meta store so when CVRE season 11 was announced, it was noted that this long-time favorite would no longer be part of the league.

CVRE players mingle with other VR community members at Oculus Connect 6 in 2019.

Regional Teams

While it’s common to find traditional esports teams in schools around the world now, VR esports is still a relatively new concept. Schools and universities were beginning to establish teams when the pandemic hit, but now they’re beginning to get back into the groove of this and see the benefits from the combination of physicality with technology.

CVRE supports the growth of school-based teams, but since they’re aware that this might not be an option everywhere, the league also allows individuals to participate through regional teams. These teams are based out of a common region rather than a particular school. This is particularly helpful in rural areas or communities where technology might not be as common and many students at a particular school might not have headsets.

On the CVRE Discord server, students can connect with others seeking to be part of a regional team.


In order to register for this season, you must complete the following before October 9, 2023:

Also, join the CVRE community Discord and reach out to others there if you have questions.

“Being a part of the community is such a unique experience. Even if you have only touched VR once, the connections, comradery, and competition you’ll find here is extraordinary and encouraging,” states Bosco, administrator for the Collegiate VR Esports League. “We welcome anyone into our organization and hope to see you soon!”