Credit to: Odders Lab

Dancing games for VR devices often use the same basic mechanics to calculate your score and improve your choreography. Odders Lab has a different plan for its upcoming game OnShape. The title is obstensibly a dancing game, but with a dose of the show Hole in the Wall thrown in.

Strike a pose

In OnShape, you’ll be moving along to the rhythm of music, but there will be cutout silhouettes in walls moving toward you to the beat. You must strike the corresponding pose to make it through the cutout. The development team worked with professional choreographers to make it as engaging as possible.

“A pressure tube leaves you in a hostile landscape,” the game’s website reads. “The music plays, but you know it only means one thing: you have to move with precision to survive.”

That certainly seems dire, but it fits in line with the show Hole in the Wall’s stakes. Fail to match the cutout, and you’d get launched into the water below!

Alongside matching the cutouts, you’ll also have to dodge, punch, and step aside to avoid incoming obstacles, and there will be power-ups to help you during the levels. You can tell the properties of the obstacles based on their colors: red, blue, or yellow.

OnShape is designed to be played by people of all skill levels. There will be three difficulty levels included at launch, and Odders promises they’ll deliver a solid cardio workout. Alongside solo play, you’ll be able to enjoy it with friends, and there will be a leaderboard to determine who the best OnShape player truly is.

OnShape will initially be available this summer for Oculus Rift, either on SteamVR or the Oculus Store. It will arrive to PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest later this year, and with the latter you’ll be able to enjoy it almost anywhere. Just don’t play it over any actual water!