Credit to: Harmonix/Oculus

Dance Central VR has always been a great way to work out while having fun, but it just got better. Just this week, Harmonix has added an official fitness app to the game, so you can get even personalize your experience even more.

Using the in-game phone, players can turn on the fitness app while in Dance Central VR. The app allows for you to adjust your weight and height, as well as choose between calories and kilojoules. With the app enabled, you’ll see a live counter of your calories burnt right above the dance move list. This information is only visible to you, so you can keep it enabled even if you’re dancing with friends.

Alongside current calorie counts, the app can keep track of data for the day, week, month, year, and all time. This can help make it a part of your regular workout routine, and keep you honest about your progress.

“When designing the feature, we wanted the app to feel a lot like a fitness app that all have on our phones, complete with tracked stats over time, gains/losses, and the ability to turn it off completely for players who felt that they didn’t want a constant reminder of how many calories they’re burning,” creative lead Arthur Inasi told Oculus.

Inasi elaborated that coder Jake Burga developed a way to track energy burnt, and from there the fitness tools were in place.

The latest update for Dance Central VR also gave players the chance to be challenged by non-player characters. Now, you can show virtual dancers just how much better you are, or look silly in your attempt to do so.

Dance Central VR is now available for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. The game comes with 32 soundtracks by default, with more available via paid DLC.