Credit to: Kluge Interactive

Kluge Interactive’s Synth Riders is one of the best ways to get moving in VR, and the dance-centric game is gaining momentum. Just in time for Halloween, you’re going to be able to groove to more than two-dozen tracks in Oculus Quest. We only suggest you keep your ears open for trick-or-treaters or you might get distracted.

Let’s Ride

Available for $16.99 in the Oculus Quest store on October 31, Synth Riders gives you the full experience in the standalone headset. This includes 30 songs, four difficulty levels, seven environments, four game modes, and social integration. It also includes the Beatmap editor, and both multiplayer and global leaderboards will be coming down the line.

The Beatmap editor’s inclusion is particularly exciting, so you can effectively design your own content in the game. This should help to keep it fresh and encourage continued use and exercise, as will modes like Endurance and Boxing. Players have used the editor enthusiastically during early access, and its open-source nature has led to improvements via the community.

“The Synth Riders community has spent countless hours pouring their hearts out in many creative ways, and we can’t wait to see what it goes next,” said Kluge Interactive community manager Brian Elliot Tate in a press release.

In Synth Riders, you move your entire body in order to score points. There are orbs to collect as well as wave-lines to match during each song. At certain points, you might even need to do a limbo maneuver to avoid getting hit by an obstacle. Because your body is constantly in motion, it can help to burn calories more efficiently than some other rhythm games available on Quest.

Alongside the Oculus Quest version, Synth Riders is leaving early access on Steam, Oculus Store, and Viveport. It’s compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, as well, and will cost $19.99 on those platforms.