One of the cooler aspects of the virtual reality space comes with just how many third-party accessories there are that you can purchase to improve your own experience. From simple add-ons like new foam face pads for your headsets, to insanely high-end items like virtual treadmills, there seems to be a little bit of everything to help improve your time in VR in some manner. Now, there is a new product available that might be quite alluring to fans of one specific genre.

Released by DeadEye VR, a company that specializes in creating a number of different VR-related accessories, a new set of boxing mitts have now become available for us with Oculus controllers. The product, which is officially called the Ultimate Boxing Gloves, are modeled like typical boxing gloves, but they have some noticeable straps around the palm area with some accompanying cup-like holders. In these slots, you can place the controllers associated with your Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift to essentially tie them to your hands.

While that might sound kind of odd at first, the gloves also have cutouts in the thumbs to ensure that you can still access the buttons and joysticks of the controllers if needed. Considering your thumbs are all that are typically needed in most VR games centered around boxing, this means that you can equip the gloves without losing access to controls that are still required. Trigger access might not be very manageable, but I don’t imagine you should need them in most cases.

Obviously, the Ultimate Boxing Gloves are a pretty niche product, but if you’re a big fan of games likes FitXR, they could be worth the investment. Not only will they help create a more realistic boxing experience for you, but the heavier weight of the gloves themselves could lead to some noticeable improvements in your workouts over time.

Plus, speaking of FitXR, you can customize your own calibration settings in the game’s menu to take into account these gloves as well. DeadEye VR has instructions on how to calibrate not only FitXR, but also Thrill of the Fight! over on its official website to ensure you get the most out of the gloves.

If you’d like to learn more about DeadEye VR’s Ultimate Boxing Gloves, you can head over to the product’s official page to learn more. And if you decide you want to pick up a pair for yourself, they only retail for $24.99, which isn’t too shabby whatsoever.