VR esports players from Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena are testing ideas for a new league format that focuses on the top tier teams. The Echo Arena Conquest Series (EACS) begins tomorrow, Monday, September 28 and is supported by the popular community-driven platform VR Master League (VRML).

Dano McFabulous, founder of the Echo Arena Conquest Series, worked with his team to schedule the league so it would take place during the off season of Echo Arena VR Master League. During the next two weeks, fans of the popular VR game set in a zero-gravity sports arena will be able to watch experienced players and teams try the new format.

Echo Arena VR Master League format currently consists of best-of-three 10 minute rounds with a five minute break in between rounds. McFabulous talked with other high rank players who wanted to test longer time in game with each opposing team so the format for EACS will consist of 15 minute quarters with an eight minute halftime. This will all be played as a single match and the score for each quarter will carry over for a final score at the end to determine the winner.

There will be player interviews pre-match and post-match, similar to a professional sports casting style intended to draw the attention of more traditional news sources. Half-time will feature analytics and analysis of the matches as well as community-made content.

EACS will also enforce new rules about tardiness. Teams that are not ready to start on time will incur a 3 point penalty for every minute they’re late and if a team still isn’t ready after 15 minutes it’s an automatic forfeit.

Echo Arena recently concluded season two of the VR Master League. The game’s population exploded when it was introduced on the Oculus Quest and rapid growth is again expected with the launch of Quest 2. There were 237 players in Echo Arena VRML Season 1 and 1586 in season 2. Most of the players in season 1 were veterans who have played the game since it was launched in July 2017 and most of the season 2 players were Echo on the Quest beta testers. Since many veteran players have developed incredibly high level gameplay and strategies that the newer teams simply haven’t had time to master, there is an obvious disparity and a need for options that appeal to teams regardless of their competitive experience.

The Echo Arena Conquest Series could provide top tier teams with additional options as the meta of the game continues to evolve and players become increasingly skilled, particularly as they play with the same teammates through various seasons.

In order to participate in this league, teams must have previously competed in Echo Arena VR Master League. During the initial two week test phase for this format, there were a limited number of teams allowed to participate. Starting Monday, September 28, some of the teams you’ll be able to watch include:

SynapseIllumidottyRedshiftIgniteThere Is No TeamSpace ForceHigh VoltageWurstSchlart TeamDing!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Echo Arena Conquest Series, please join their Discord server. You’ll also be able to watch the Echo Arena Conquest Series matches live on the VR Master League Twitch channels to see how the new format unfolds!

Please note that while VR Master League is collaborating with EACS, it is being organized by the Echo Arena Conquest Series team so questions or comments should be directed to Dano McFabulous or moderators on the EACS Discord server, not VRML moderators.

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