Community cups have always been popular events in Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR games and it’s time for the first competition of the year! Registration is now open for the Echo Combat Beginner Cup that will take place on January 18 at 3:00 EST / noon PST.

In the past, some community cups have been dominated by professional players who quite easily destroy any newer teams still trying to learn strategies in the game, how to coordinate with a team, etc. In fact, since Echo Combat features several different guns, tactical mods, and ordnance, some newer players might not have even developed skills or even practiced with some of the options when they decide to sign up for a community cup.

Unlike ESL or other professional leagues, the purpose of community cups – or in this case, a beginner’s cup – isn’t to win prize money or earn a spot that might allow a team to advance to a LAN event. The purpose of community cups is to build community. These events typically have low stakes that focus on introducing average players to competitive play in a friendly, fun environment.

“We’re trying to make it easier for new teams to come in,” explains Robocreator223, a veteran Echo Combat player and tournament admin, “because getting deleted by people who play in ESL isn’t any fun, and it may turn them off competitive play.”

With that in mind, team leaders are encouraged to invite newer players to participate so that they can gain valuable experience in competitive VR gaming.

“This tournament is different than most,” continues Robocreator223. “Instead of preset teams, many veteran players have instead split off, and are now picking up new players who are interested in competitive play, no matter their skill level or play time. We hope to raise interest in both the game and the competitive scene, as well as have a boat load of fun!”

For the Echo Combat Beginners Cup, players will register solo and then they’ll be placed on a team. Several veteran players will serve as sponsors of the Beginner’s Cup and they’re helping with formation of teams and training players. Team sponsors will help all players, regardless of ability or skill level, learn how to play the game and work with their team.

You can reach out to sponsors through the Echo Games Discord. In addition to Robocreator223, you can contact the following sponsors if you have questions:

  • VecZ
  • Codasleuth
  • Dual
  • Ashpool
  • SingleShot12349

You can register for the Echo Combat Beginner’s Cup tournament here.

Ready At Dawn launched Echo Combat, a zero-gravity first-person shooter, in November 2018 as part of the Echo VR family of games that already included Echo Arena, a popular zero-gravity sport-based game. Both games are multiplayer competitive esports built from the ground up for virtual reality.

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