Elven Assassin is getting a boost to its PvP with a brand new Tournament Mode, which launched after a successful round of testing. Players seemed to love the idea, so the devs have decided to make tournaments a regular schedule. Tournaments use the same deathmatch formula players know and love, but with a twist to be the best. Read on for the details.

Getting Fit and Winning

The Tournament mode is regularly planned, so anyone with the game will have a pretty good opportunity to find a game. Especially considering they are every weekend, but they run just a little bit late for the USA (clocking in at 11 PM UTC).

We have readers from all over the world, so be sure to log in at the right time for your zone:

Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday:

Europe – 5 p.m. UTC

USA – 11 p.m UTC

Asia – 9 a.m. UTC

Each region available in the game lobby now has a tournament tab that players can use to find tournament matches in progress. When your time zone goes live, you’ll see a big glowing button to join up. There’s a brief gathering period as players join the server, so enjoy a warm-up or just goof off while you wait.

Tournament Rules

Basic Elven Assassin deathmatch rules apply. Players move around small maps with interesting hiding spots, teleporting to locations high and low. Assassins have a smaller profile than their orc enemies, making them a little harder to hit. Especially as they move, dodge and squat while firing back at you.

Recent addition of private rooms has allowed players to go 1v1 and get some more intense practice, but the volume of players in a match makes the pacing intense.

In tournament mode, the game will utilize the Old Ruins Garden map. This standard deathmatch zone has been a feature from the beginning of multiplayer, so most are quite familiar with its ins and outs.

Games last for seven minutes, same as a regular deathmatch. The difference is that players with the best kill to death ratios advance to the next rounds. This tiered progression system ensures only one can emerge as the Best Elven Assassin, a title that will be granted to players on the leaderboard visible to everyone.


Multiplayer Boost for Elven Assassin

Tournaments are a great idea to boost multiplayer participation in what is a pretty exciting game. We like OvrShot too, but Elven Assassin’s wave mode and single player features make it less of an arcade multiplayer experience and more of a true game for VR home setups. Elven Assassin’s bow mechanics also feel very realistic, and they’ve added a number of elemental effects that expand play.

It’s also easier to join lobbies with active players in general thanks to a new sorting system. You can see who is waiting for a new game, how many players are in a lobby, sort by region, and join from within the same menu.

Other Updates

Player models also now have torsos. Is customization incoming? Unfortunately, it also means your torso is no longer empty space so you must completely dodge incoming axes and arrows if you hope to survive. That applies to multiplayer as well, so watch your back and check your corners.

Credit: Wenkly Studio

In single player mode, players can now summon ice arrows and use fire. All of this means more people in game, giving multiplayer a boost. If you’ve wanted to hop into Elven Assassin multiplayer, tournaments are a good chance to see how you rank.

The arcade experience has also received a buff, with leaderboards that can be displayed to encourage local competition. Mount a TV outside your play area and a well-designed screen shows off the day’s best players.

Elven Assassins | Who Will Be the Best?

Competition drives fitness and pushes us to be our best selves. Archery games utilize our bodies effectively as the controller, and the multiplayer pacing is frantic enough to work up a sweat in extended sessions. You’ll have more reasons to practice now that pride and bragging rights are on the line.