Virtuleap has continued to build onto its brain training VR title Enhance VR over the past few months, and that trend has continued once again today. While the studio just finished bringing over two new mini-games into Enhance VR earlier this year, it has today added another experience that will help your brain in all-new ways.

The latest game that has come to Enhance VR is known as Slinger. The game is fairly straightforward as it places a slingshot-style item in your hands. After picking this weapon up, you’ll then need to shoot as many targets as you can in as quick of a time as possible. Multiple targets will continue to spring up in the virtual environment that you find yourself within. It’s a fairly simple experience, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t real benefits to doing this exercise for yourself.

Virtuleap says that Slinger specifically is a game that is meant to improve your speed and accuracy skills. Much like every other game that is contained within Enhance VR, Slinger is meant to give your brain a workout in a very specific manner. In the past, other games that have come to Enhance VR have looked to improve the processing and memory skills of your brain as well.

You can get a look at what Slinger looks like in action in the trailer down below:


While the addition of Slinger is the most marquee development with Enhance VR today, Virtuleap has also made a handful of other changes that some users will surely be happy about. For starters, the game is now available to pick up on App Lab. This is something that we knew was going to arrive at some point, but it seems as though Virtuleap has been able to make the game that much easier to obtain for those on Oculus platforms. Secondly, Spanish language support has also now been adding to Enhance VR today as well and becomes the third language that has been integrated into the experience. Virtuleap says that it added Spanish specifically at this moment as the company is about to due a clinical study in Barcelona, Spain, that centers around cognitive decline and its association with Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s important to keep in mind with Enhance VR that the game Virtuleap is working on might not be meant for all audiences. That doesn’t mean that only certain people can play the title, but some of these routines, including Slinger, have been built for users that may struggle with their own cognitive functions. Still, if you don’t have some of these issues at the moment, Enhance VR can still prove more than beneficial when it comes to keeping your brain sharp well into the future.

If you’re looking to try out Slinger for yourself, the game is available now for free alongside a new update that has rolled out for Enhance VR. As for Enhance VR itself, the game is currently acquirable on Steam for no cost whatsoever. In order to play Enhance VR via Steam, you’ll need to have either a Valve Index or Oculus Quest headset. Conversely, you can also download the game for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 devices through SideQuest or now through App Lab.