Credit to: Fibrum

DevCubeStudio and publisher Fibrum want you to know that full-fledged and immersive shooters are even better in virtual reality. Launching in May, Space Ops VR delivers cooperative and competitive action, all packed in a futuristic world loaded with deadly enemies.

A long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away

In Space Ops VR, humanity has traveled into the far reaches of space by 2301 in order to solve an energy crisis on Earth. You play as a new enlistee in a first-response program tasked with defending the travelers against extraterrestrial threats. These threats mostly take the form of giant spider creatures, similar to enemies in Destiny of the film Starship Troopers.

You’ll be competing training exercises in order to make sure you’re up to par, and these are available either by yourself or with friends. Both cooperative and competitive options are available, as well, complete with leaderboards.

Additionally, there are player-versus-player competitive matches you can play. These will likely put your VR fitness abilities to the test the most, as you’ll need to be quick in order to take down other players. You’ll have a variety of weapons to do it with, including plasma and beam-based weapons. You can also fling grenades, and your character is customizable.

Skill-based ranked matchmaking is available for the player-versus-player mode. If cooperative action is more your style, there are multiple player-versus-environment modes to choose from, as well as a “Sandbox.” This should give you a feel for the game’s control scheme and allow you to experiment with how it could be used as a fitness tool.

Space Ops VR will launch this May on Steam. It will be available for Oculus and Vive devices, as well as Windows Mixed Reality. Fibrum promises you can make enemies “wet themselves,” and we’re looking forward to putting that claim to the test.