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With the rise of virtual reality technology also comes capture tech right along with it. Linkflow’s FITT360 camera is a wearable camera that will shoot and stitch together vibrant 360-degree pictures and video with a touch of a button. Active hikers, cyclists, fitness instructors, fit gamers, and even snowboarders will find that the FITT360 is a wearable film crew of one that follows them wherever they go.

After showcasing their camera at the Mobile World Congress 2018 and after reaching 700% over their original Kickstarter goal, their FITT360 camera is projected to start hitting doorsteps as early as October 2018.

What Is FITT360?

In order to film 360 videos for your YouTube channel or to document a VR how-to series on the best exercises or games for a full body workout, content creators and fitness instructors used to rely on wearing heavy head mounts, buying an expensive tripod, or by holding the camera still and hoping for the best. FITT360 is a lightweight, hands-free, 3 point HD camera that is easily slipped onto the back of the neck and film-ready with the press of a button.

Why FITT360?

Filming with the VR-ready FITT360 camera puts the creator/wearer in the driver’s seat and the viewer in the first person. This first-person viewpoint is helpful if you want to instruct others on how to do a series of exercises or if you want your viewers to see locations, events, and people like how you would see them.

Credit to: Linkflow/FITT360

The 360-camera will be great for trainers who want to immerse the viewer in a gym in real time or a pre-filmed group lesson, or for thrill-seekers and weekend warriors looking to document and show the world about their paddle boarding excursion on the ocean or hilly bike ride from the center point of all the action. Olympic athletes have already successfully used VR video of downhill skiing to mentally prepare and train with fitness equipment before hitting the slopes for the Winter Olympics.

Like all VR compatible cameras, the FITT360 camera could potentially help fitness instructors host a group class as viewers walk around with them to each participant as they explain mechanics, posture, and tips. 360-videos also help to expose others to activities and exercises they may have not known about or were too timid to try out. VR owners like Kevin Brook share that VR has helped curb a fear of heights or has helped peak interest into a sport he didn’t know he’d mesh with.

Camera Specs

The FITT360 camera comes in white, silver, and red coloring, and in sizes small, medium, and large. It can hold up to 9 hours of device space with a 128GB SD card and uses SNS to live stream from anywhere you have an internet connection. It has 3 cameras that shoot 2K images and videos, with 4480 x 2240 picture resolution and 3840 x 1920 (up to 4K) video resolution at 30FPS.

The camera has GPS tracking so you can share your content and its location with others in your group or channel. This can help bring visitors to hiking trails, drive interest to classes at a gym, or get attention to your weekend hiking group. The built-in double stabilization makes the camera less shaky, reducing visual disturbances that may cause nausea.

FITT360 owners will have up to 100 mins battery life and 90 minutes of film time, making the battery long enough for an hour and a half class, workout session, or experience. Having a portable battery pack might be a good solution for shooting sessions that are longer than an hour and a half. The company says that the camera stitches images and video together seamlessly in the app, but some stitching, graininess, and people disappearing for a second or two can be seen in videos online. We’re not sure if this has something to do with uploading the video to YouTube issue or a camera issue.

Credit to: Linkflow/FITT360

Although there are some image issues, the IPX6 waterproof design is enough for us to give this camera a big thumbs up. IPX6, according to Run Buzz, means that the camera is protected against heavy splashing and rain and that it should be designed to keep water and moisture out as long as it isn’t submerged. This is great news for paddleboarders, snowboarders, skiers, and anyone who needs a camera that’s going to survive sudden rain, snowfall, or splashes of water. The camera also comes with a heatproof design that’s meant to keep heat from the tech away from the user’s neck.

The camera also includes a mono mic that picks up on the speaker/subject’s voice for more focused audio. So, there’s no stereo surround sound pickup if that’s what you’re looking for. The camera stays in place when the proper sizing is worn and the neckband prongs (for lack of a better word) are said to lightly grip the neck as the wearer moves around. There’s no telling whether the prongs will hold the camera if its wearer bends over.


FITT360 will be compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and unspecified VR headsets. Users will need to download their FITT360 companion apps once the tech is in their hands.


The FITT360 Kickstarter page had an entry pledge to purchase cost of $370-$539 to cover the price of the camera, pouch, and charging cable. We don’t know what the future price will be, but we bet that it will be around this price range or more for extra accessories.

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