vr holiday gift guide

With the holidays upon us, and with so many people looking to amass even more great tech to enhance their lives, it’s that time of year to deliver our VR Holiday Gift Guide! These suggestions will spread the joy of the VR world, and some fitness too, in order to help make sure the right gift is selected for right person. In this installment, we will be talking about which device bundle makes most sense for each individual.

Gear VR plus Leap Motion – $200

Perhaps the cheapest VR option here, but, nonetheless, one that will surely excite whoever gets it. Both of these device can be used separately, but are a good bundle to give someone who wants to play in VR in the coming year. This is for the person who doesn’t like dealing with controllers or computers, but at least knows how to plug in a device and install an application. The Leap Motion provides the simplest controller on the planet while almost everyone know how to work a phone with the Gear VR.

PlayStation VR Bundle – $200-$800

Depending on whether you own a PlayStation 4 or not will determine the overall price of this bundle. This is for the person who wants VR but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of a PC. The price of not dealing with a PC is that the graphics aren’t as good, there’s a limitation on games, and you will likely get more motion sick because the graphics do not run at a steady rate sometimes, but if you were willing to buy a console then that shouldn’t be anything new.

HTC Vive Bundle – $1,500 – $2,630

This bundle is good for the person who wants to take a deep dive into the world of VR with no limitations as to what they can do. The price varies depending on where you buy the bundle from, just don’t buy it from Acer as it’s known to be a cheap material brand. Alienware did not overprice their product this time and it roughly comes out to the same price it takes to build their computer yourself. This is a great bundle if you can get and could be fun for the whole family… one person at a time.

The Fitbit – $25-$150


Did this surprise you? With all this powerful machinery, why is a Fitbit here? If you plan on using the VR experience for exercise, then a Fitbit would be the perfect choice to keep track of how much you actually burn when playing specific games. Not only that, but the FitBit can be utilized in certain games and apps on the market so that you can get the most out of your experience.

These are the most effective fitness VR gifts one could give out this year since the next year will see huge involvement with the devices and they will be able to do so much with them on their own. The Gear VR and Leap Motion combination will likely have the biggest impact come next year.


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