FitXR Launches ‘Rock Pack’ DLC, Available Now On Oculus Quest


FitXR, the newly rebranded BoxVR title that launched on the Oculus Quest last month has a new DLC expansion pack, available for purchase right now. Boasting 20 new tracks all specifically taken from the rock genre, this according to FitXR co-founder Sameer Baroova is exactly what users have been asking for, ‘We’re delighted to bring FitXR fans our first genre-specific DLC, answering the call from the community for more Rock music which has proved so popular with users. We’re also really proud to expand our DLC portfolio with a fourth pack, allowing FitXR users more ways than ever before to work out the way they want, and have fun doing so.’

Handcrafted workouts

As in keeping with the FitXR base game, each workout on the DLC has been professionally choreographed by FitXR’s own personal trainers to provide the user with well-structured and carefully balanced workouts, ideal for effective full-body training.  The new FitXR game is all about creating a live studio feel so to maximize immersion and make you feel that a coach is physically there pushing you each instructor has recorded voiceovers so that you can hear them shouting words of encouragement urging you to punch faster and harder.

FitXR promises us 60 minutes of new content with the Rock Pack DLC. The music covers a wide spectrum of rock sub-genres including Punk Rock, Pop Rock, and Hard Rock soundtracks. For FitXR veterans, you can expect some tougher workouts too, as the pack features four more intermediate and advanced workouts and some new squat punch combinations.

As with all previous FitXR/BoxVR content, the DLC pack features royalty-free music rather than well-known chart classics, but the FitXR team is generally pretty good at finding training appropriate tracks and creating fun and engaging workouts around them.

Tracks featured on the pack include Midnight Riots’ ‘Move Yourself’ and ‘Redline’ by Beeches. I’ve linked to both below.

If you’re a fan of FitXR and are looking from some new tracks, and you’re partial to some rock beats then this should keep you happy for a while.

The FitXR developers have confirmed that this DLC pack, along with the full FitXR update from BoxVR will be available on PC VR and Playstation VR soon although no date has yet been given.

If you own a Quest and haven’t yet tried the main game then check out our full FitXR VR game review. It’s one of the most complete and feature-rich, fitness-focused games available in VR and comes highly recommended.

If you own an Oculus Quest and FitXR you can purchase the DLC via the Oculus Quest store or in-game for $9.99 or £7.99