As of February 12th, 2021, one of VR’s most exciting companies, FitXR is launching merchandise. The items available are made to enhance your VR experience overall and especially within FitXR and BoxVR. Currently, they are selling a unisex sports t-shirt, organic cotton unisex hoodies, ice towels, and dri-fit headbands with a water bottle, weighted wristbands, and Silicon Quest 2 Covers coming at a later date.

As far as the items go, they sound like the perfect complement to your VR workout with the ice towel being especially intriguing. According to FitXR, the ice towel recreates the feeling of putting a towel in the fridge and is activated by simply soaking it and wringing it out to give you a cooling towel that will keep its temperature for 2 hours! It sounds like it could become a necessity for anyone who works out in VR. The same can be said for the dri-fit headband as we’re all constantly looking for ways to keep the sweat waterfall from our precious headsets while playing in VR.

This is a great look for the company and should pave the way for others to release merchandise specific to their VR titles in the future.


The Recycled T-Shirt - MensThe Ice Towel

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