Climbey is a speedrunners dream fitness game. It requires finesse, it’s silly, and it’s just challenging enough to feel like an achievement. When you finish a level, it feels gratifying. The game can also be a glitchy mess and create some very entertaining mistakes. Use checkpoints liberally and practice. Climbey is a great fitness title for those who want resistance training they can take at their own pace. 

Half that fun is to be found in the game’s custom levels. These player-generated maps deliver difficulty and a solid workout. Visit the Steam workshop either before you get into your VR headset, or from the Steam menu with your headset on. You can download maps from the in-game menu as well. 

Yeah, good luck with this map… Assassin Simulator.

Some of these custom levels can be what I call “troll levels”, or levels that just mess with you as a player. Only someone who masters those skills can beat them. So I’ve played a few dozen of these custom levels and have distilled down to what I feel are some of the best. Even though some of these maps get really hard, there’s no trolling to be found here. 

I’ve rated levels by challenge, and offered some tips on how to beat them. If you’re ready to get climbing then read on!

Basic Strategies to Know

Here are some basic tips to help you up your Climbey game:

Use Checkpoints

Every map features a different quantity of checkpoints. Before you begin, check your wrist to see how many checkpoints you have to spare. 

Vertical Leaping

Several levels in this list require you to scale a vertical wall one hand hold at a time. Practice this motion and it will become quite fluid. You can use your momentum to keep your jumps reaching higher. Keep your wrists and arm straight (avoid a curving motion as you pull down with the controllers). 


Climbey multiplayer is great fun! Try it out! Tackling these courses with others is a great way to learn what works. Plus, you get to play Capture the Flag!

Super 64 Series

Challenge Level: Fun

Super 64 Level 2

Super Mario 64 is a game that will live in memory for almost anyone of a certain age, and certainly within the speedrun community. The N64 has a vast amount of titles speedrunners break, and you could say the Super 64 Series is kind of an homage to that hacker mentality. There are only 3 levels, but they fairly faithfully recreate the feel of Mario 64 in Climbey. 

It’s not just a nostalgic break, there are several places where well-timed leaps can break the level and lead to a fast clear. 

The smaller details give these maps their color. I recommend this series as a first download for most new Climbey players who want to break into the game’s custom maps. It’s great fun, and a good platforming challenge. 

Crystal Pyramids

Challenge level: High

So, you’ve beaten the Climbey vanilla experience and you’re ready to dive into the game’s custom maps. You think you’ve got all those fundamentals down? Crystal Pyramids is here to test you. From walking across thin beams to foisting yourself up vertical walls with tiny hand holds, this level walks the line of unfair and challenging. 

I had to restart this level once halfway through because I’d exhausted my supply of checkpoint flags, so consider your checkpoints carefully. Also, be sure you place your flags on the platforms in such a way that respawning doesn’t immediately make you fall to your death. 

I did not finish this map on my first attempt, but I got an excellent workout and I had a lot of fun. I’m also much better at Climbey having struggled through this. If you want to tackle this course, try to sandwich it between some less challenging courses so you don’t get angry with the game. 

Obstacle Course

Challenge Level: Moderate

Obstacle Course is great fun. It might be my favorite “for fun” course in this list, especially the beginning. You have to do a squat leap into the air and then duck beneath a fire wall so you don’t die in the process. The feel of the jump is very natural and really brings out the best of Climbey. 

This course is short and not especially difficult, but it does ramp up in challenges. If you’re a first timer looking to try out speedrunning, this is a fun course to get started. It’s designed well and it’s easy to break for a faster run. 

Floor is Lava

Challenge Level: Moderate

Multiple paths available in Floor is Lava

I enjoyed Floor is Lava quite a bit, and there are multiple paths you can take with varying difficulty. It’s a very large map, so be careful you don’t get stuck going a route you can’t finish. Just have fun and explore. 

The “easy” routes all involve monkey-bar style climbing. This level is great for your shoulders and biceps, especially the ceiling sections. You will need to do a lot jumping as well, some short and others longer leaps. It will test your skill, but it never feels unfair. 

I’m still exploring this map and finding new ways to tackle the three rooms of this house. Just don’t touch the floor or you’re donesville. 

Living in the City

Challenge Level: Fun

The final map I want to highlight is a good map for fun. Living in the City is a series of interconnected buildings you can get to via jumping or zipline. It doesn’t quite capture that Spider-Man feel, but it comes pretty close as you zip to and fro. 

The goal is achievable at any time. This is really a map built on exploration, so try to duck into windows and rooms to see what you find. Conference rooms and domestic scenery dot the landscape and there’s lots to see and climb. 

This map is a good map to close your playlist on because it feels so open ended. There’s no sense of urgency and no specific path to take. Just explore until you’re bored or tired. Also great fun in multiplayer, where a capture the flag variant exists.

What are your favorite custom maps in Climbey?