Get Fit with Blue Goji’s VR Workouts

GoWings Safari is an excellent example of how virtual reality serves as a powerful medium to help people stay fit while enjoying a highly stimulating form of entertainment.

Blue Goji is one of the video game industry’s more intriguing developers. The company specializes in interactive fitness games meant to take players’ minds off the drudgery of exercise. Instead, players are provided with creative fat-burning exercises that are heavy on the fun and light on the monotony. Anyone who dislikes repeating the same old exercises over and over again should check out Blue Goji’s games. Blue Goji first entered the fray as a creator of mobile games. Nowadays, Blue Goji’s masterminds are flexing their creative muscle in the realm of virtual reality.

Blue Goji’s VR Creations

Blue Goji has two virtual reality games available at the moment: GoWings Safari and Dino Fence. Each is compatible with the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. The company is currently demoing titles with the Oculus Rift to boot. Blue Goji representatives have let on that the company has a couple of new games coming down the pipeline but the titles have yet to be officially announced.

The Blue Goji crew has even designed controllers referred to as “Goji Play” that conveniently wrap around exercise equipment. Place them on the underside of an exercise machine and the controllers’ diminutive D-pad can be accessed with surprising ease. Exercisers can press these action buttons in the midst of a workout to make the experience that much more interactive and fun.

GoWings Safari

Those who are on the prowl for an enjoyable means of exercise that does not require a team of other people and/or a ball should give GoWings Safari a chance. This Blue Goji game is used in combination with an elliptical to provide fitness-seekers and gamers with the opportunity to explore the African safari in virtual reality. The purpose of GoWings Safari is to travel through this exotic location while taking pictures of the stunningly beautiful surroundings. In particular, gamers are tasked to snap pictures of Africa’s wildlife.

One of the game’s twists is that poachers are also present in this virtual reality landscape. If a poacher pops up on the screen, the game player is to dispose of him with any means necessary. After all, Africa has its fair share of animals on the endangered species list. The pace at which players move down the path hinges on the speed of the elliptical. One can pump his legs and arms as rapidly as possible to zoom through the terrain. Alternatively, once can opt for a moderate speed to soak in the virtual surroundings and snap as many shots as possible. Most players alternate between slow, moderate and fast speeds at varying points depending on the pace at which the virtual images are piped into the VR headset. The less scenic spaces provide an opportunity to pump away while those that are rife with eye candy will prompt even the most intense workout warriors to slow their pace.

The magic of GoWings Safari lies in the fact that it makes working out an absolute blast. Give the game a chance and you will likely forget that you are actually exercising. This is exactly why people are calling Blue Goji and GoWings Safari “game changers”. GoWings Safari is the perfect unison of fun and physical activity, making exercise that much more bearable. Just about everyone reaches a certain point where the typical workout becomes tiresome. Virtual reality fitness games like GoWings Safari provide a much-needed injection of excitement, visual stimulation and competition that people need to engage in a more spirited and rewarding workout.