Most people don’t need any added incentive to try out the games on their HTC Vive, but one look at these 10 games that are about to be released is sure to make even the most passive gamer jump for joy. So, go ahead, get up, burn some calories, save the world, build endurance and fight off zombies (and a whole bunch more) with these hand picked games you’re sure to love in the coming months! You can thank us later.

1. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The new Resident Evil game provides the casual player with a huge creep and jump scare experience that is a needed market in VR. Not only does the game look graphically impressive, but it adds a look at how well VR can be integrated with controller technology. This game is dated to be released in January of 2017 and is sure to get your heart pumping!

2. Fallout 4 VR

Currently, the only way to get your hands on VR for Fallout 4 is by using one of the many VR transforming video games. Fallout 4 was an amazing and active game all by itself but the creators of Fallout 4 announced a release to make the game VR, which will be released some time in 2017.

3. Don’t Knock Twice

Another scary game, the goal of the game is to save your daughter but it brings a new aspect to the VR world: breakable doors. While other games have incorporated breakable objects, breaking a door in order to see through to the other side is a new aspect. Get your legs ready for some serious kicks! This game is dated to be released in March of 2017.

4. Arktika. 1

While the release date has yet to be named, this game is currently set to come out in the future and seems very impressive in terms of customizability and action-based combat. One of the very rare games that has customization as an option within the game, it was announced in October of 2016.

5. Launch Squad VR

While not as good as many of the other games on this list, it does provide a very unique aspect to the gaming environment as it provides you with the experience of slingshot paintball. Paintball and archery seem to have become staples of this industry thus far so it was only natural that these two genres mix together, which this game seems to be the result of. After one session in this experience, you’ll know how strong your arms are. This game is dated to be released in 2017 but there is a current Alpha out for it right now.

6. Golem

Golem is another interesting game that we’re really looking forward to in 2017, as it brings a surreal aspect to the virtual world by playing through a character that explores through golems. While not much information has been provided about the length of the game, it looks very pretty and looks like it will be among the best games out there for the PlayStation VR and the fight scenes are sure to get you off your feet and moving to say the least!

7. Korix

Korix is a new spin on an old idea in the real time strategy world. The entire point of the game is that you are placed somewhere in space where you must fight to survive. The unique spin is that you control and build things in the perspective of VR. This game is supposed to come out in the early months of 2017.

8. Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall is a game that has been a long time coming and will finally drop for the PlayStation VR. This game allows you to be an all powerful superhero that needs to save the Earth from an invading alien species. While the storyline is basic, the concept behind a Earth-size Earth, completely destructible environments, and the ability to go from no speed to Mach 10 is a very new concept that pushes the limits of VR. This game is supposed to come out in the early months of 2017.

9. Statik

Statik is a new puzzle-based adventure game that combines perception tricks and mind bending puzzles. While not that big, it seems to provide another unique aspect to the VR world that looks very intriguing. This game is set to release in the early months of 2017.

10. XING: The Land Beyond

This game has already released for the PlayStation and has proven to be a very good game to the PlayStation family. As a result, this game will be receiving a VR update so that it is compatible with PS VR in 2017. This is a puzzle based adventure game.