Get Ready To Feel VR With Woojer Vest

Are you ready to really rock your body? It's time to feel your music with this new vest!

One of the things that many VR naysayers have often criticized about the tech is that you can’t really feel anything in virtual reality. Well, there’s going to be some disappointed VR haters after reading this story! Displayed at the Tokyo Game Show in 2016, the Woojer Vest allows individuals to feel their environments in the virtual world. While this isn’t as ground breaking as a wireless Oculus or creating actual tension in movement, it really could mean quite a lot in terms of stepping up your fitness game.

How it Works

The vest contains six haptic transducers on six meridian points of the upper body. From these points, the feeling is induced via sound and users feel their environment based on the type of sound that is played into the vest. The vest does not increase or decrease the temperature of the body, just the feeling of the environment. An example of what one might feel is the wind, which can be reproduced if played at the right frequency.

Step Up Your Fitness Game

The Woojer Vest is, of course, compatible with all current systems because it is simply a sound device so there’s not much barring the consoles from its utilization. While it can also be utilized with VR, it can also be utilized without VR. This type of sound device is often used so that individuals who are deaf can listen to, or feel, music and that’s exactly what it does for all users.

What does this really mean for fitness or a fully plugged in VR fitness experience? Have you ever fumbled with your headphones during a session on the treadmill? Ever had an ear bud fall out during a set? Ever been annoyed that your volume control is all but useful? If so, and we know it’s all of you, then being able to replace head-worn listening devices with a vest could really be quite the benefit.

No longer do you need to get tangled up into cords when you have a vest that will play the music into your bones.

Additionally, since the device can provide sound simulation throughout your body, it will add an additional depth to any augmented sound game like Zombies, Run!

While the device still isn’t available, the company already has many prototypes in the works and it clearly does have practical uses for fitness and it will provide a user with an increased experience in VR. We know we can’t wait to ditch Dre’s Beats and strap on a vest and really feel your music while you train!