It’s the end of February and we want to keep motivations high! Fitness is best done as a group pursuit, where we motivate one another and push each other to be our best selves. VR is all about your body as the controller. It’s the chance to turn gaming into a more active pursuit, and to gamify our fitness experience.

VR doesn’t solve motivation, though, and falling off the wagon is a mixed bag of emotion. Today, we’re going to conquer that with some tips and motivation aimed at getting you back on that wagon.

Let’s rock!

Start with some compassion

Every success has a mountain of failure behind it, so let’s begin with some compassion for ourselves. I want you to remember that you genuinely tried to accomplish what is a very difficult goal that requires a dedicated pursuit.

Now that we’re past that, your next step is to convert that energy into some positivity and kickstart your new effort. It’s still early in the year and you have totally got this. We’re here to help, both as a fitness inspiration and as a community of dedicated people and players.

Let’s rock!

Re-define your goals

Let’s get serious by redefining our goals with clearly defined and measurable steps. How many of us began this year thinking “I want to get fit”? Goals that outline the progress toward your ideal self are the best way to succeed.

Get yourself a fitness journal and track your progress. It genuinely helps to track your workouts and your recovery, like a summation of your efforts each month. Note every small victory:

  • Noticed physical gains from your efforts
  • Maybe you finished an entire game in a single session
  • Overcame a challenge you set for yourself
  • Improved some aspect of your gameplay

If you did it better than today than you did yesterday, it’s an accomplishment worth noting.

Schedule your first game sessions

Just like our advice with the fitness journal, begin with a small but manageable commitment. I like to start with a thirty minute block of time beginning this week (why not tonight?) that you can commit too.

Don’t get caught up in the volume of sessions. We’re looking to get back on the wagon not summit the mountain.

Focus on consistency: what can you do now and always?

Change whatever made you stop your routine

Did you stop because you were tired of the same titles? Sales for PSVR, Steam and Oculus are plentiful. Grab something new!

Do you need to re-evaluate or remake your playspace? This was my problem. I solved it by moving furniture around and improving air circulation. I also redrew my playspace and redirected my arms away from cabinets and walls.

Do you need to find new challenges in the games you love? Many of those games are in early access and have probably changed since you last played them. If not, tell us what you’re into and we’ll find a way to fitness hack it!

Get back in the game, literally.

Just play. Pick a game and play. If you stop enjoying it, try something else. It really is that easy. You don’t need to force VR fitness. You should focus on enjoying the game and looking for ways to improve.

Blade and Sorcery is well reviewed and works up a good sweat.

Although we advise tracking your progress, this early stage isn’t about being analytical. If you track anything, track how consistently you say you’re going to play VR and actually follow through.

Motivate Yourself

Find reasons to participate. Lots of games encourage their players to participate with multiplayer events, either against one another or for score. Others, like QuiVR, use events in game to challenge single players and encourage you to be the best.

Get an upper body workout with QuiVR! Credit to: Blueteak/Alvios, Inc.

Other players are also great motivators. If you’ve found someone equal to your skill who has a consistent connection, add them to your friends list and reach out to say hello. Fitness is best when it’s a community pursuit.

You Can Do It!

Winter is cold, you don’t really feel motivated to leave the house and hit the gym. All the more reason to dive head first into VR Fitness. Getting back on the wagon begins with a choice. A small commitment you make to yourself to enjoy yourself, get physical and step back into the game.

Once you’ve made that commitment, you’re ready to track statistics and keep a detailed fitness journal. The milestones you mark there will help you see your progress even when it feels like you’ve plateaued. In fitness, there’s always a new goal just on the horizon.