If you’re looking for a game to introduce yourself into the VR world, express your colorful intent, and get a good workout in the process, then welcome to Duo VR. This is not to be compared to Radeon DUO or DUO software, which are both much more popular items that have the word DUO in them. This is horrible for the game, since it buries it underneath the search word.

What is DUO VR?

The entire purpose of the game is that you are sent colorful balls that you must block with your shields. While you are blocking, you cannot move the position of the shields, but you will need to use the landing position on the shield much like you do with Curve Ball. However, that is not the only purpose to the game as some modes require you to not color the blocks but break them. The game progresses in difficult, which means in will seem to easy at the beginning while being incredibly difficult at the end.

Graphics and Visuals Score 3/5

This is one of the only games that will use your room as interactive parts of the game. Most of the time, they simply provide boundaries so that you don’t run into a wall or wack your hand against it. Otherwise, the game has subpar graphics, but not as bad as a game that’s still in development. If it were to be compared to another game’s graphics, the Wii Sports would be an good measurement.

Hardware Requirements Score 4/5

This game is compatible with Windows 7 and new Operating System’s. You will need a standard GTX 970 or R9 290 with a i5-4590 or FX 8350 processor. It does need quite a bit of RAM, running at 8GB, because it does map the room inside of the game as an interactive element. However, because the rules and logic behind the game is pretty simple, you will only need 500MB of space.

Fitness Score 3.5/5

This game will push you, much like Autoshield and Holoball. Since you have to keep track of both balls, you will find that they are easy to lose track of in later levels. In addition to this, you must avoid letting your shields hit limiters and look out for ability buffs. While the rules are simple, the simplistic nature of the game allows for levels to become increasingly harder the more you play it. This makes it great for short burst workouts and endurance training.

Gameplay Score 4/5

The overall gameplay is very intuitive and it does become incredibly difficult later on in the game. While being a rather small game, it does have a good sense of direction and responsiveness. It also has some unique characteristics, such as full utilizing all aspects of 3D technology and incorporating elements in the game that most games barely use. There are no negative reviews of this game and you will get seventy-five levels to play in, which is a great price for $14.99.

Overall Score 3.6/5

While the game has a relatively small fan base for the game and it is rather hidden from people on the market because of its name, this is a great introductory and workout game. It is also great for children to play as well as adults, which is rare in the virtual environment. Other than the lack of story line and being anything more than an arcade game, this game provides a great virtual reality experience.